Increase Lung Capacity – Boost Your Engine Room

increase lung capacity

By Sian Griffin

Your lungs are the internal motor that powers the body and, while the physiology is complex, a simple truth stands out; the stronger your lungs, the more stamina and physical sharpness you will possess – whatever your chosen sport or discipline.

Enjoy On: Magazine’s top ten tips to boost and increase lung capacity – and help you keep in touch with the best for longer.

Just 30 minutes of cardio, three times a week, increased by 5% every week, should see your stamina develop incrementally.

increase lung capacityFEEL LIKE PHELPS
Exercising and stretching whilst submerged to the neck means, due to th ecompression in your chest cavity, your air capability is radically cut. Do this regularly and your respiratory system will become more efficient.

“20g of fish oil can boost lung function”

Alveoli are the processors between air and blood – playing a wind or a brass instrument will expand your lung capacity and maximise and utilise more of these alveoli.

Studies have found 20g of fish oil can boost lung function by a mind-boggling 65%! Stock up on those omega 3s.

Don’t listen to those who say there are no benefits in that deserved post-workout steam room. The smoky stuff unclogs those bugs and germs lingering inside your system and sapping your endurance.

Generally, people born at altitude have a higher lung capacity than those born at sea level (something to do with less oxygen necessitating a more efficient respiratory system). Some endurance athletes enjoy preparation for big events at high altitude. Be warned: This is for serious athletes only!

increase lung capacity“Train your lungs to hold air longer”

Try Ashtanga – ‘The Athlete’s Yoga’. Noted for its aerobic qualities, studies found classes twice a week over a 15-week period significantly stretched those air vents.

Punching the daylights out of a box-bag for 20-minutes is a sure-fire way to boost that respiratory system. Plus, if you try it after work with a picture of your boss as a target, you’ll feel a whole lot better as you sit down for Eastenders.

Breathe in normally through the nose and out through your mouth with the lips together. The resistance trains your lungs to hold air longer, thus stretching them out.

Practise deep breathing to maximise your lung capacity. Slowly empty your lungs by breathing out completely then, whilst relaxing your abdominals, fill your lungs with air.


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