How to Start to Get Fit and Healthy

how to start to get fit and healthy

How to Start to Get Fit and Healthy

The Basics of a New, Healthy Beginning

by Paul Bedford

As a personal trainer I see the short-term and long-term benefits of a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. Part of the joy of my job is seeing people make serious and determined changes to their lives. And then, of course, to enjoy the rewards.

It’s not easy – and the hardest part is sustaining motivation over a long period (which is something I’ll tackle in other posts). Here are some changes that can be implemented immediately – to kick-start your journey to a healthier you!

Little changes go a long way
Start off gently! Going in all-guns-blazing will probably lead to burn-out. Walk to the shop instead of driving, don’t dunk that biscuit in your tea, stop nibbling at your child’s food as you prepare it. Little adjustments go a long way over a sustained period. It all adds up!

Spring into life
As the evenings grow lighter, get out and enjoy the fresh air. Plug in your ipod and go for a brisk stroll or jog. Obviously, your physical fitness will increase and you’ll gradually burn off that extra weight and help release that stress of work.

“Make sure you fully understand your objectives”

how to start to get fit and healthyGet to the gym
If you’re struggling for motivation or need help with your training join the gym. They will have expert trainers with lots of ideas to help you out, whatever your build and fitness levels. Most good gyms have spas and steam rooms where you can enjoy a deserved chill-out after a workout.

Treat yourself to a Personal Trainer
If you want to hit your goals faster – and you can afford it – then get one of these. PT’s are highly qualified and will get that little bit extra out of you. So instead of spending that £30 a week on a curry, treat yourself to a PT. Look out for any deals they give you and some will even give you a session for free. You can find them in your gym or on the internet if you’re a home trainer.

Don’t miss breakfast
Yes!! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so unlike many, don‘t skip it! Eating a nutritious breakfast (not a fry up) will help increase the speed of your metabolism and help you to resist snacking before lunch.

Knowledge is Power
Make sure you fully understand your objectives and the benefits of doing particular exercises. Research and read-up on advice you are given – an exercise done correctly and efficiently is far more productive than an exercise where you are unsure of the hows and whys.

“You need a good balance of nutrients to stay healthy”


What is more effective for my training, long and light or short and intense exercise?
It depends what you are trying to achieve. If you are looking to reduce your body fat you need to be working between 50-60% of your maximum heart rate – known as your body fat training zone. This zone is not really strenuous but you can work there for a longer period of time. On the other hand, if your’re working really hard for a short period of time your cardio fitness will tend to improve more than reducing your body fat.

Is it healthy to eat a high protein diet?
Proteins are a great source of nutrient for repairing the muscle to help it grow, but you do need a good balance of nutrients to stay healthy. High levels are ok but be careful of liver damage, don’t go to extremes. Throw in some carbohydrates and a few good fats to give your diet a much healthier look.

Is it true that water makes you thin?
Water is not a miracle thinner, but drinking water can help boost your metabolism and sipping throughout the day can suppress hunger pangs.



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