How Electrostimulation is Changing Sport and Physical Fitness

How Electrostimulation is Changing Sport and Physical Fitness men

More and more new technology is advancing the ways in which we take care of our bodies. It allows us to go further, recover quicker and get more from our workouts. Electrostimulation is at the forefront of these developments, and is the new hot offering coming from the most innovative gyms.

Yet this is no fad, it really works. The foundation of the technology has been in medical therapeutic treatment of muscle spasms and pain, helping with rehabilitation of those suffering from injuries and keeping muscles active for those unable to exercise in the typical way. But the application of the science goes so much further than these, and only now is starting to show huge promise in the wider fitness and health world.

What are the benefits of electrostimulation?

Whether you are a profession in the sports, health, beauty or wellness spheres sectors, Electro Muscle Stimulation (or EMS) can really make a difference to your clients. It can be used for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, in sports performance and gym training or for body aesthetics.

One of the key benefits, in addition to maximising the activity carried out physically, is that it can help relieve tension and reduce stress. Stress affects millions of people around the world and can be a real battle for many.

The exercise itself will help produce endorphins (so called happy hormones) in the brain. They also help the body to mitigate pain.

How Electrostimulation is Changing Sport and Physical Fitness suit

The difference between usual exercise and EMS is that the body can produce more endorphins than normal due to the additional stimuli the body receives. The affect is impressive. Endorphins block pain detectors in the brain with around 20 times more power that a normal analgesic. They have a calming effect on the brain and can improve a person’s mood, which in turn makes someone less susceptible to stress and anxiety.

Endorphins also have the power to reduce blood pressure and also reduce adrenaline, which helps enable relaxation. All of this can make a huge difference to a person’s mental wellbeing.

On a more practical level, electrostimulation treatment can also release tension in the muscles, such as the shoulders and neck where it often occurs the worst, sometimes leading to tension headaches.

Using electro stimulation can ease this considerably leaving you able to actually enjoy the treatment or exercise. The flow of oxygen to the brain also boosts energy levels, and oxygenation of the muscles mean that the muscles are less likely to suffer from fatigue and tiredness.

I-Motion EMS is one step ahead in developing electro stimulation equipment

Experts in the field of electrostimulation are turning to the professional muscle stimulator with I-motion EMS to treat their clients. Developed by engineers who are experts in the design and manufacture of medical equipment, the device provides simultaneous contraction of more than 300 muscles producing significant workouts in short periods of time.

Combining quality and innovation the equipment is covered by warranty and holds the relevant CE and KTC certificates.

It has 20 integrated programs ready to go, and 6 expert modes that can be fully configured to the individual. The EMS system is smart enough to adjust for all the muscles.

The sessions with the client can be fully adjusted and recorded, with data held in the cloud for easy access and retention of information no matter what. A professional can undergo the training and be able to deliver a bespoke session.

Offering electrostimulation to your clients is the next step in growing your business

This solution will allow any company to offer something new, exciting and able to deliver results. The equipment and technology showcases some of the latest developments in fitness and health.

Able to benefit most people, unless pregnant, those with a pacemaker or sufferers of psoriasis or epilepsy, once you have set goals and objectives with the client it is simple to get started.

Just set the electrodes in the right locations as trained and you are ready to set the desired program and start showing your client how quickly they can improve their health. Through careful built-in optimisation of timing, impulse and frequency different goals can be achieved. It is also smart enough to calculate the next session date for optimum results.


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