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There are many diets, fads and supplements that all promise a healthier you. The truth is there are no quick fixes. The only way to make long term changes is by making little steps that become habits. New Year’s resolutions are a good way for you to consider lifestyle changes you wish to make, but the more drastic they are, the more likely you are to fail. Aiming to do seven gym sessions per week may sound like a good idea to lose weight quickly but when you miss a few sessions you are likely to feel demoralised and then give up. Short term goals can create habits which can last a lifetime. If you want real change, then small, achievable little steps make the biggest impact long term.

Here are some little changes that can stay around all year, not just through January. We’ve included calories to show to you the impact you can make.

Health Changes That Will Last A Lifetime food

1. Choose a healthy breakfast on weekdays

If you start the day well, the rest of the day often follows. By choosing a healthy and balanced breakfast you are more likely to resist eating bad at dinner time and avoid afternoon sugar snacks. You can save around 400 calories per meal when choosing a healthier option. Even if your evening meal isn’t the healthiest, you’ve made real strides throughout the day. Once the weekend comes along you can eat whatever you fancy, but as the weeks go by, you’ll be enjoying healthy food more and make better evening and weekend choices. Weekly calorie savings 5 days x 400 Calories = 2,000 Calories per week

Health Changes That Will Last A Lifetime matcha

2. Have a daily cup of Matcha Tea

According to National Tea Day, Matcha drinkers can burn up to 70 extra calories per day. It’s jam-packed full of antioxidants, and benefits and will help you fight off most winter bugs and viruses. Be careful though, most benefits are void if you use boiling water, so let the water cool a few minutes before pouring. Weekly calories burnt 7 days x 70 calories = 490 Calories burnt per week

Health Changes That Will Last A Lifetime varidesk

3. Use a standing desk

Varidesk is a sit-stand desk which slots onto existing desks. Not only will it help increase your productivity, but you will burn an additional 50 calories per hour when stood. By rotating sitting and standing hourly throughout a workday you’ll improve your posture, reduce back pain and also burn 50 calories per hour when stood. Varidesk also help boost productivity by 48%, meaning you’ll be more focused at work. Work smarter, not harder you won’t need to stay late at work catching up. Visit for more information, prices start from just £150. Daily calories burnt 5 days x 200 calories = 1,000 Calories burnt per week.

Health Changes That Will Last A Lifetime walk

4. Some people love the gym, swimming or jogging

They can all burn a lot of calories per year, if you go regularly that is great. You should also try to take at least two brisk 30 minute walks per week, on top of your current exercise regime, even if you don’t have a regime, 2 walks will help burn off around 400 calories per week and let’s face it, 30 minutes isn’t hard to find twice per week. A walk to the shops, or a nice walk in the park. Walking is also a great way to unwind and reduce daily pressures. Weekly calories burnt 2 activities x 200 calories = 400 Calories burnt per week.

Health Changes That Will Last A Lifetime clock

5. One in four people have a snack straight before bed

Go to bed half an hour earlier, you’ll burn off an additional 35 calories per night and you’ll avoid the temptation of a snack before bed, saving needless calories on top. The extra half hour will help your body recover and you’ll feel well rested on the morning and more likely to start the day with a healthy breakfast. 35 calories brunt x 7 Days = 245 Calories per week.

It’s easier to make small, little and achievable switches which as will all add up for big benefits.

  • 2,000 kcal per week or 104,000 per year by choosing a healthy breakfast
  • 490 kcal per week or 25,480 Kcal per drinking a daily cup matcha tea
  • 400 Kcal per week or 20,800 Kcal per year taking 2 x 30-minute brisk walks per week
  • 1,000 Kcal per week or 48,000 Kcal per year* using a Standing desk such as Varidesk at work. (48 week working year)
  • 245 Kcal per week or 12,740 calories per week going to bed 30 minutes earlier

In total 2,000 weekly calories are saved + 2,135 Total weekly calories burnt = 4,135 calories per week or 190,220* per year. (Standing desk based on a 48 week working year Mon-Fri)

Whatever changes you make small changes are more likely to form long term habits. An annual 190,220 calorie swing is the equivalent to the calories burnt in running 70 marathons. Now, that’s impressive.


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