11 Amazing Ways to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

11 Amazing Ways to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight main

11 Amazing Ways to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

Let’s face it, shedding weight can be a frustrating and a very difficult experience, especially if you are impatient about seeing results. So, if you feel like you are losing steam in your weight loss journey, the following are ways to stay motivated to lose weight:

1. Set a Clear Goal

Setting a clear goal involves writing down exactly what you want to accomplish. For example, if you would like to shed weight, how much weight and by when? Concrete evidence indicates that being absolute about your goals gets you motivated.

2. Make a Plan

Setting goals is great, but without a good plan, it is impossible to achieve your goals. Always ensure you make a good plan with clear road signs before you embark on your weight loss journey. With a plan, you can easily gauge your progress and see if you are getting somewhere. Even the best losers know that a clear plan ensures you stay motivated to lose weight.

3. List Your Reasons for Losing Weight

Feeling and looking better on the beach is a good reason for wanting to shed weight, but it might not be enough to keep you motivated in the long haul. Create a list of all the things that are better in your life when you attain your ideal weight.

For example:

  • Having more stamina
  • Being more confident
  • Being healthier

4. Avoid Temptation

You can make your life easier by getting rid of unhealthy snacks in your home, for example, sweets, biscuits and fizzy drinks. It is easier to resist the temptation if you do not have them at home. However, if you have family members that do not need to lose weight make clear agreements with them.

11 Amazing Ways to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight sweets

5. Set Realistic Goals

There are many dangerous and unhealthy weight loss diets that promise you quick and much weight loss. Avoid paying for these products and creating very high expectations. The healthy way to shed weight is by shedding a kilogram every week. Although losing a kilogram every week is slow and may not sound much, it certainly is the best way to lose fat permanently. Realistic goals get you motivated to lose weight since you get to keep off the lost weight permanently.

6. Get a Weight Loss Partner

With a good weight loss partner, you can tap into the power of teamwork. Did you know that with someone to work out with, to cheer you on and to be accountable to you are more likely to stay on track? Who is the Ideal Weight Loss Partner?

  • An individual with similar health goals
  • Make sure your weight loss partner is not overly critical
  • Depending on your regimen, the individual should help you in working out more, eating better, or both.

7. Prepare for Setbacks

Keep in mind that losing weight is a process that takes time and not something that can be achieved overnight. It is very common that during long periods of weight loss there will be times where you will shed less weight than you expected. Remember, staying motivated is the main point here, so do not be faint-hearted.

8. Celebrate Your Victories

Reward yourself monthly or weekly for the goals you have achieved. By celebrating your small victories by rewarding yourself, you will be more determined to reach your target weight. This way you will enjoy the weight loss process. Look for something nice to remember when rewarding yourself, of course, don’t reward yourself with junk food.

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9. Avoid Weighing Yourself Daily

The scale is a very helpful tool for measuring your progress, but many people have a habit of weighing themselves too often. Daily weighing will only sap your motivation with a lot of emotions and can make you panic by temporary weight gain that has nothing to do with body fat or body mass.

10. Start a Routine

Concrete evidence indicates that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Did you know that habits are an essential part of our life and without them we fail to prevail in most things we try to accomplish?
A good routine including your exercise routine gets you motivated to lose weight. Furthermore, individuals that get the best results in the gym are the ones that stick to their daily routine.

11. Incorporate CBD Into Your Diet

CBD can assist patients suffering from obesity and those willing to keep a healthy weight. It helps maintain healthy blood sugar, increases mitochondria, which plays a role in the burning of calories, and stimulates proteins and genes that assists to break down fats. CBD also plays a role in encouraging the body to convert white fats to weight-reducing brown fats. Brown fats help in improving the user’s health by enhancing the ability of the body to generate heat, burn white fats and regulate blood sugar.

If you have been keeping up with the latest news on CBD in the UK, you are sure to know that more people are using CBD than ever. Currently, CBD is legal throughout the UK. UK residents can now buy a wide range of CBD products including a range of high-quality UK legal premium CBD vaping oil.


Choosing the ideal way to shed weight does not need to be hard. The fundamental thing is to find a way of staying motivated to lose weight.


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