Ross Charles Hair Salon, York – Review

ross charles hair salon york review

Ross Charles Hair Salon, York

Review – April 2017

by Rachel Crow

For most women, finding a hairdresser you trust is like finding that perfect pair of jeans. It involves a lot of shopping around. So I don’t mind admitting I was apprehensive as I approached Ross Charles Salon in York for the first time.

Ross Charles Salon York interiorAs a Leo I am immensely proud of my mane, but it comes with its own set of issues. It’s unruly, unpredictable and, for the most part, un-tamable. However, from the moment I step inside the stylish Gillygate premises, I am put at ease.

Owner Ross Charles gets it. After more than 20 years in the business he’s seen it all, so after an initial chat about my problematic locks, I’m whisked off to the wash area.

Situated towards the rear of the property, though only a stone’s throw from the main salon space, the wash area is slightly darker with two basins in the middle of the room, a mirrored wall to the side and elegant storage behind. Salons are inherently noisy places, but as the stresses of juggling a busy work and home life sail down the plug hole, I’m left more calm and relaxed than I have been in weeks. Ross tells me about a special Spanish head massage one of his stylists has introduced to their repertoire. Alas there’s no time to try it this visit, but I expect it must be out of this world.

“A refreshing approach to the industry”

ross charles hair salon york review during

Rachel during her cut, with Ross Charles

Back in the beautiful surroundings of the main salon, complete with imported Sicilian furniture, Ross gets to work on my tresses. Unlike some high street chains where I feel like I’m on a conveyor belt as the stylist rushes through as many clients as possible, at Ross Charles they care about the customer experience. In the mirror I can see the stylist behind working his magic on another client’s hair. She has a short style but every cut is carefully assessed, expertly executed and reviewed; it’s like watching a master craftsman at work.

The small team of five, including Ross’ wife Alessandra who is a specialist colourist, are passionate about their vocation with many images depicting competition entries adorning the walls. This is all part of the company ethos to encourage stylists to develop and adapt to their client needs. Ross tells me: “If you’ve got a problem with your hair we want to try and find a way to solve it.”

Born into a family of hairdressers, Ross has a refreshing approach to the industry. He doesn’t just want to create beautiful styles, he wants to give people the knowledge and techniques to maintain them at home.

“My hair feels better than it has in years”

ross charles hair salon york review after treatment

After the cut – no static, perfectly straight and frizz-free

Every second of my cut is a revelation with explanations about why my hair behaves in a certain way, how to tackle the problem areas and tips on everything from shampoo and conditioner, to blow drying and straightening. He’s even taken to the internet to offer a series of tutorials for people to achieve the best results possible at home.

With that approach there’s little wonder his salon has been crowned best hairdresser in York by Three Best Rated.

And what about my haircut? Well, after an intensive moisturising treatment and a bit of TLC from Ross’ trusted Japanese scissors, it looks and feels better than it has in years; no static, perfectly straight and frizz-free.

It’s been years since I spent more than an hour at the hairdressers, and yet at Ross Charles three hours just flew by. I walked in frazzled from a busy week and tackling York traffic, and left feeling like a princess. Not a bad perm, basin cut or botched bang in sight.

Ross Charles Salon, 82 Gillygate, York, YO31 7EQ

Opening Hours:
Mon – closed
Tue, Wed, Fri – 10am-6pm
Thurs– 10am-7pm
Saturday – 9am-5pm

Prices for cut and finish with Art Director: £46.50

01904 621122


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