Platinum Highlights and Skin Tone

Platinum Highlights and Skin Tone

Platinum Highlights and Skin Tone

Colours of the Catwalk

by Rob Eaton

Seasons change, fashions change and this spring/summer blondes have been the colour story on the catwalks of designers like Chanel, Lanvin, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton and Versace. Using an innovative palate of subtle hues and tones, this summer’s hottest looks are bright, fresh and unique.

Here’s my rundown of this summer’s hottest hair trends!

platinum highlightsPLATINUM HIGHLIGHTS
Platinum blondes will be bright and fresh. But there’s a trend towards a more natural, softer, buttery blonde with vanilla ribbon highlights. These highlights are seamlessly blended with fluid tones giving hair a beautiful, glossy look and a luxurious feel.

Platinum Highlights: “Blonde is a colour that takes some maintenance”

We knew we were seeing the birth of a stylish new colour craze at Chanel. Chanel-egant grey will become one of the biggest trends this summer. Cleverly placed panels of a silvery grey tone are placed to break through the underneath sections of the haircut to completely transform blonde hair and give it a stylish, directional feel. The trend is also about embracing grey tone that occurs naturally in hair and using some of your natural colour to create a strong statement. Think Kate Moss who is wearing this look with her usual panache.

It is very important to find the right tone of blonde for your skin tone. The right hair colour should make your skin glow and your eyes sparkle. Look at the kind of colours you wear – are they cool or warm tones? Look at your lifestyle – blonde is a colour that takes some maintenance, so it is important to consider how often you want to visit the salon. A great way of introducing colour to a hair cut is to place slices through the underneath of the haircut. This introduces colour that gives a shimmering effect, giving texture to the look but with the minimum of maintenance.

Photography: Karine Jackson for Herb UK


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