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male grooming

A Cut Above the Rest

By Bryn Bevan

The days are over when the hairdressing industry openly encourages men to start spending a larger chunk of their hard-won cash on male grooming.

Modern man has now embraced the latest word on the street when it comes to hair fashion. The only thought process he has when walking in to a hair salon (not barbers!) is how much his boss will let him get away with!

More often than not these days, men want something that reflects their personality, and through their hairstyle they can achieve this. Guys are always open to new suggestions based on either iconic heroes in film or sport, fashion shots from the latest Arena mag or even people walking down the street. But they will always take in to account that meeting next Tuesday with Malcolm about the big new contract.

metrosexual hair cuts

There are two types of man in the modern era – one that grooms cautiously or metrosexual. From Tom Cruise to David Beckham, as long as you have an experienced stylist who can suggest the right kind of haircut to suit your face-shape or lifestyle, you should be on to a winner.

If you’re feeling brave enough you could even indulge in a spot of colour. There’s no longer a need to walk around looking like a cockatoo from a small provincial town in the Wooly Backs – those days are rightly no more! No, now we have any number of subtle colours culminating in the latest inventions from hair-houses like L’Oréal.

A new white-blending treatment will genuinely give you a male version of Ten Years Younger, only in just 5 minutes! Forget Grecian 2000, in the words of Mr Kaye: “It’s the future!”


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