Long Hair Looks

long hair looks

Long Hair Looks

The Long Good Hair Day

by Bryn Bevan

As the seasons change, so do the colours, hues and styles that swing, sway and weave their ways in and out of the salon. Last spring’s textured bob is already looking like a hair fashion relic, so quickly do styles change.

Yet there is one constant that is always in mode (and always has been) – long hair. And within it, there’s a multitude of styles and textures. Recent catwalks have been brimming with flowing tresses and centre partings, some accompanied with perfect waves, others with that sexy, tousled bed look.

long hair looksCelebs too have been going for the long, rock kitten curl effect with Kate Hudson’s ringlets, Jessica Alba’s amazing just-awoke (but secretly sculptured) look and Kelly Brook’s eighties glam effect.

Our models show the creation of those stunning curls. They are the epitome of femininity – and this is the secret to the timeless appeal of long hair.

A long, one-length style is tinted an all over deep copper. Use tongs on the hair on a medium-size barrel in small sections. Slide the barrel through the section and work into sexy waves using fingers to form the shape.

Hair: Royston Blythe and Nick Malenko of the Royston Blythe Salon, Wolverhampton, UK. Make-up: JustineCollins. Products: L’Oreal Professional

long hair looksLeft:
One length hair is lifted with dark blonde and deep gold slices. The hair is parted in the centre and curled on medium barrelled tongs. Finally, it is then teased out to create this incredible volume.

Hair: Ashley Gamble at Royston Blythe, Wolverhampton, UK. Make-up: JustineCollins. Products: L’Oreal Professional.

Photos: David Goldman


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