Innovative New Answer to Hair Loss Arrives in Leeds

Innovative New Answer to Hair Loss Arrives in Leeds main

Men around the world understand how it feels to look in the mirror one day, and realise they’re going bald. All kinds of feelings accompany this realisation. Poor self-image, loss of identity, feeling less attractive and a belief that they’re getting old and are past their best.

Whilst options are available for men in this situation, none of them are particularly ideal. From tablets like Propecia that often fail to work and cause all manner of side effects, including impotence, to grizzly hair transplant surgery that often leaves the recipient with significant scarring and poor results. It’s no wonder wigs and shake-on powders are so popular, but these options are also far from perfect.

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“Highly specialised technique”

Hair loss specialists MHLS understand this problem only too well and have a new solution to this age-old problem. Scalp micropigmentation, or hair tattooing, is a highly specialised technique that uses tiny pigment deposits placed in the scalp to replicate the appearance of a full head of shaven hair.

This process has existed for more than a decade, with an estimated 250,000 people around the world having had the procedure, but most clinics are based in the United States. All this changed however, when Manchester-based clinic MHLS opened their doors, and have now opened a second hair loss clinic in Leeds.

MHLS Director Maya Khan believes this new industry has a bright future: “When we opened our first MHLS clinic, we did so because we recognised that so many men were suffering in silence, and the options available at the time just didn’t cut it. We see huge potential in scalp micropigmentation as a viable, long term option. It’s safe, convenient, has virtually no side-effects and the results are instantaneous.”

Innovative New Answer to Hair Loss Arrives in Leeds treatment

“Less noticeable”

It’s not just men who are using SMP to cover up their bald spots. Many clients who contact MHLS are women, some of whom are living with conditions that are otherwise untreatable: “We see more and more female clients now. Often, they come to us with lifelong alopecia, or they lost a lot of hair after chemotherapy or a pregnancy. In most cases they don’t need to shave their hair. Instead, we use scalp micropigmentation to reduce the contrast between their hair and scalp, so the areas where they’re losing hair are less noticeable.”

This is certainly an interesting option for anyone who is losing their hair. Opinion seems to be divided on this rather unorthodox treatment, but if the recent expansion of MHLS is anything to go by, it seems that many people are shunning hair transplants and wigs and choosing this option instead.


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