Iconic Celebrity Hair Styles

Iconic Celebrity Hair Styles

Iconic Celebrity Hair Styles

Hairs to a Fortune

by Rob Eaton

Jennifer Aniston:

Still the hair pin-up of this generation. The sun-kissed shades of Jennifer’s hair have made her the most popular source of inspiration at salons for women over the past 15 years – and those famous soft highlights remain the most requested look today. The trick is her highlights and light brown lowlights never look foiled and, by keeping the highlights finer at the root and thicker at the bottom, she maintains a more natural effect. Women will change their hair many times during their lifetime.

hair trends of the year long fringe red dress

By altering your look a little – and often – rather than making big dramatic changes, you’ll be able to add modern texture without altering the length simply by adding some layers or by drying and styling differently. If you stick to a cut that suits you and you can tweak it at every salon visit. That way you never get stuck in a rut and you’re gradually keeping up with the times. It can take as little as a fringe and a few invisible layers and, before you know it, you’ve transformed your style from long to mid-length without the shock of doing it all in one go – something Jennifer has always been very good at!

Scarlett Johansson:

Scarlett certainly knows how to make the most of a hair do. Over the past few months she has worn Marilyn Monroe-esque curls, voluminous red waves, bouncy ringlets and sleek, sophisticated up-dos – she’s certainly a colour chameleon! Her latest is the shoulder-length, tousled bob which looks uber-sexy and modern. The actress seems to be moving away from the blonde bombshell look by aiming for a more grown-up style with a playful edge.

Florence Welch:

Since bursting onto the scene in 2009 people have been going crazy for Florence Welch’s look. Her fashion style veers from vintage to designer but her hair makes one of the biggest statements of any of the celebs out there at the moment. Deep red tones give an instant vintage feel which she brightens up with dark winter outfits. Reds and coppers in dark blonde, light brown or brown hair look amazing and are the perfect statement for those of you who are not colour shy! But remember, you’ll need regular appointments to keep the colour looking fresh!

Alexa Chung:

A true British style icon, who has wowed us with some beautifully pulled-together looks. Her unique style has helped her to stay ahead of the trends and she’s great at adding her own chic twists to her clothes and hair. Alexa is currently wearing the hottest a/w hair trend of the moment – grunge roots. This look is where the ends of the hair are highlighted and the roots left to look rooty in a blended way – it’s cool yet sophisticated. The hair has a rock vibe due to the combination of dip-dying and a dishevelled texture and it should be worn very tousled and textured for a grungy feel. Brunettes can gradually go lighter toward the ends, blondes can reverse the look with darker ends.


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