How to Disguise a Bad Hair Day


We all have bad hair days, whether you are suffering from frizzy locks, dry and split ends, or if our hair is falling flat on our heads. But there are many simple and effective ways of combating these problems, says Jenny Persson…

Frizzy hair:

  • Never over-use products. One golden rule is that you can build but you can’t take out.
  • Frizz is a common complaint from clients during holidays and the trick is to manage the styling of your hair. Changes occur in  our hair throughout the day depending on where we are and the relative humidity determines the degree of frizz you will have. Help prevent frizz by preparing with the correct products in the drying and styling process. Use silicone based products as they discourage moisture absorption into the hair shafts.
  • If you have naturally curly hair you want to define each curl without using too much product. Use a pre-styling light serum to separate the curls without drying them out, creating a crispy feel or a creating a ‘wet look’.

avoid bad frizzy hair

To add volume:

  • Play around when styling your hair. Buy yourself a good quality round bristle brush and blow-dryer. The key to a long lasting volumising finish is all down to the blow-dry, so spending a couple more minutes in the morning will make a difference.
  • Invest in good products. Using volumising products, such as volumising shampoos/conditioners and styling products will help to give that added volume to your hair.
  • One great tip to use when trying to find the best volumising product is that you should never be able to feel the product in your hair after using it – and no residue should be left in your hair or on your hands.

 For greasy hair:

  • The best way to style oily hair is to curl it. This will dramatically hide large amounts of grease. Oily hair shows up more on straight hair, whereas curly hair is more intricate and random, so is more difficult for the eye to notice.
  • A sleek pony tail will work well with an ‘oily hair’ day.
  • Creating a style around your favourite hair accessory such as a beanie or fedora is a great way of hiding greasy hair. Whether you curl the hair, add a fishtail plait or a sleek side bun, you can transform your bad hair day into a stylish one.

Jenny Persson is Creative Director and Art Director at Taylor Taylor London
Images: Taylor Taylor London

Stylists: Sonya Park Howie , Federico Vazzoloretto and Elsa Forbes-White


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