How to Care for your Individual Hair Type

How to Care for your Individual Hair Type main

We all love to feel great in our hair, but throughout the day, it is exposed to many harmful factors. Wind, extensive exposure to sunlight, temperature changes, and even air conditioning can have negative effects on it. However, every person has an individual hair type and each requires its own form of care. Dry, oily and bleached hair should be cared for appropriately, and here’s how.

Dry hair – the causes

Most people with dry hair know that they need to pay special attention when caring for their hair. There are many reasons for dried out, lifeless hair, the main culprits for damaging it are curling irons, straighteners or even dryers, which used extensively, can do great harm. Most hair types can still be dry even with using conditioners. Additionally, low and high temperatures, wind or UV rays also play a role in drying out your hair. However, apart from external causes, the condition of our health, hormonal changes and the level of hydration also have a direct impact on our hair.

How to Care for your Individual Hair Type dry


Since dry hair tends to be brittle, it’s best to introduce hair conditioning treatments. In store or homemade hair masks are a great, and above all, a simple and inexpensive way to moisturize, rebuild or simply protect the hair structure. Thanks to them, the hair is less susceptible to harmful factors, and repairing possible damage becomes much easier.

When deciding to use nourishing and moisturizing hair masks, it’s worth to allow yourself to experiment. The idea is to observe how the individual formulas affect your hairstyle and over time learn how to choose the right ones to bring maximum benefits.

Oily hair – causes

It is most often caused by excessive secretion of sebum (body oils) through sebaceous glands, located next to hair follicles. Correctly working glands are designed to maintain an appropriate level of lubrication but sometimes there is sebum overproduction. It quickly covers the hair, creating an unsightly, greasy coating. Reasons for this include: hormonal changes, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and even bad diet or excess stress.

How to Care for your Individual Hair Type oily


Treating oily hair can be difficult, especially if one uses unsuitable cosmetics, washes hair in hot water or overloads the hair with inadequately selected conditioners and balms. Daily washing is recommended along with the use of oil-reducing shampoos. If the problem continues, it’s best to see a specialist (trichologist).

Caring for lightened hair

Almost every woman has dyed or brightened her hair at least once in her lifetime – it’s a bold move in an attempt to find their own image. However, lightening always has a negative effect on the condition of the hair, so proper care of bleached hair plays a key role in maintaining the beauty of your hairstyle. There are many ways to care for lightened hair – from in-store cosmetics, homemade hair masks, to hairdressing cosmetics and specialist treatments that restore vitality.

Your hair is the crown you never take off of you head – so it’s important to keep it healthy and looking amazing!


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