Hair Extensions: What Are the Options For You?


Hair Extensions: what options are out there for you?

As demand for hair extensions increases, so too does the number of different attachment techniques, each with their own different names. When you get to the bottom of all this information, your decision on how to have the extensions attached generally comes down to some type of glue, sewing or micro rings. Hair extension expert, Tatiana Karelina, guides you through the options…

hair extensions tatianaYour decision on which technique to adopt for your hair extensions may depend on several factors, of which the most important will be the after effects. A lot of hair extension companies specialising in bonded hair extension systems use their own brand of bonding formula, which is commonly called keratin. Upon removal, that’s when the most damage is done, as heat, removal solution or extreme pulling must be used to take these out. They generally recommend applying a special solution, containing harsh chemicals, directly to the root of the hair extension and massaging it into each bonding location and leaving it on the hair to soften the bonds.

Quite often it is extremely difficult to break the bonding material, even with pure alcohol, like isopropyl. This alcohol has a powerful drying effect on hair, as well as on other human tissues like those on the scalp. In extreme cases, this can leave hair so brittle that it may crack and break. On top of that pliers are required to crash the bonds and release the hair. That potentially leads to even more stress and pulling on the hair. Multiple removals like that over a few years can damage the hair follicles considerably and can even result in alopecia.

“Easier to maintain”

hair extension optionsThe technology behind Micro Ring, or Micro Loop extensions as they are sometimes called, was born out of a desire to revolutionise the hair extension industry. The process needed to be kinder to hair, easier to maintain and virtually undetectable.

The application, as well as removal of, Micro rings are quick, safe and do not cause any damage or stress for the natural hair. Each extension is attached to the hair with its own metal cylinder. A few strands of the natural hair are threaded through each ring and, once correctly positioned, the ring is clamped shut using a special tool. The Micro ring technique is generally considered to be the safest way of attaching hair extensions because there is no glue, braids/sewing or harsh chemicals needed to attach or remove the extensions.


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