Hair Extension Myths – Busted!


Busting the myths surrounding pre-bonded hair extensions

By Lauren Turner

Most women have at some point in their life dreamt of long, flowing and healthy locks à la Kate Middleton, but for many, achieving a look to rival the Duchess with their natural hair is unrealistic. Now more than ever, women of all ages are turning to hair extensions to achieve a look they’d never dreamt was possible.

As with any beauty enhancement, there are of course many options and even more questions surrounding hair extensions – which are best? Clip-in, stick on, or pre-bonded? Will they look unnatural? Amanda Jackson, Principal Educator at premium hair extensions brand, Great Lengths, provides us with her expert guide to hair extensions.

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Hair extensions are big business. For temporary solutions to giving you an alternative style, there are clip-in hair extensions and hair pieces, usually kept in place with small hair slides or slim wires, headbands or specially-designed tape. For many, these types of hair extensions are the perfect quick-fix solutions, giving thin or short hair added volume and length in a flash.

Alternatively, many women are opting for a more permanent solution to their lacklustre hair woes by investing in pre-bonded, semi-permanent extensions that are applied to the natural hair and can last for months at a time. Whilst many women all over the world are embracing this hair enhancement, there are a handful of common myths and misconceptions surrounding pre-bonded extensions.

Hair Myth 1: Pre-bonded hair extensions will damage my hair

False: Providing you choose the right brand, pre-bonded hair extensions will not damage your hair and shouldn’t put you off opting for semi-permanent hair enhancements. Some types of bonds, such as glue and braided, can cause breakages in the hair, so it’s really important to invest in specially formulated keratin bonds – these types of bonds avoid unnecessary strain and pressure on the roots, helping to ensure your hair isn’t damaged.

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Hair Myth 2: The bonds can be easily seen

If you’re used to dabbling in clip-in hair extensions, you’ll be all too aware of the perils of visible clips, wires or bonds, but with pre-bonded extensions you can relax in the knowledge that bonds are discreet, whether you wear your hair tied up or left down. You should always choose a stylist that has been specially trained in how to blend the extensions to your natural hair. If you have particularly fine or short hair, the bonds can even be customised to give you a natural finish with no tell-tale bonds on show. Opting for pre-bonded extensions that have been dyed to match your desired colour also helps to give you a perfectly natural finish that you can’t achieve with clip-ins.

Hair Myth 3: They’re too expensive to make them worthwhile

False: Although it might seem like an expensive treatment, investing in a good quality set of pre-bonded hair extensions will allow you to enjoy months of beautiful locks, tailored to your natural hair type and style. A good extensionist will ensure your extensions blend perfectly with your hair, giving a seamless finish that will last up to five months. With pre-bonded extensions you’ll no longer have the daily hassle of applying and removing clip-ins or wefts of hair!

Hair Myth 4: Maintaining hair extensions is difficult

False: Whilst you must take care to maintain your hair extensions and follow the guidance provided by your stylist, it is a common myth that hair extensions are difficult to keep in good condition. Quality brands will offer a maintenance appointment service so that you can arrange for a stylist to check on your bonds and offer comprehensive aftercare advice.

As long as you choose a good quality supplier and professional extensionist, plumping for pre-bonded hair extensions can prove to be better for your hair than using clip-in extensions, and will certainly leave you with a more natural, polished finish.


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