Get to Know Your Hair Stylist

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Get to Know Your Hair Stylist

Keep Fit for the Hair

by Bryn Bevan

I reckon by mid-January that we’ve all given up on going to the gym.

The instant gratification wasn’t instant enough and those new designer training MBTs didn’t nearly make you look silly enough. But the big issue here is whether or not you can justify continuing your relationship with your high quality hairdresser. You could save, if you’re lucky, maybe £15 on your new, riskier, Lionel Blair-cut.

Get to Know Your Hair StylistResearch shows that in times of hardship, when we’re no longer treating ourselves to a new hot car, or shiny holiday, us guys go out and buy techie gadgets and you ladies pamper yourselves. Apparently we’re proving to one-another just how hard working we all are.

Now, more than ever before, your hairdresser will be finding new ways to justify your continued loyalty. They’ll be working extra hard, looking to give you a number of different styles for both day and evening. They’ll be creating looks that are subtle enough to go about your every-day career, but also give you catwalk cool for night wear.

“Get your hands on some big-barrelled tongs”

Few women are brave enough to go for the confident chop, but if you want to be creative with your hair at night, it could be just what you need. So much is based around a great haircut, why not get brave and creative?

Get to Know Your Hair StylistStyling aids like your GHDs can create curl, movement and volume. Failing that, get your hands on some big-barrelled tongs. They’re fantastic for giving that groovy dishevelled look that’s rocking the fashion shows at the moment.

Couple this with getting your fingers into the roots and giving it all a good old shake – but don’t forget to ask your stylist for advice on making it all stay put!

For shorter looks, just give it a fast blast with your hairdryer and finish it with something like L’Oreal’s Pearl Whip.

Remember, get to know your hair stylist. He or she needs you – and you might need them more than you’ll ever now. Now is the time to lose the MBTs and get busy with your GHDs.


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