How to Make Sure You Enter 2018 with Your Best Hair Yet

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How to Make Sure You Enter 2018 with Your Best Hair Yet

As the New Year slowly creeps up on us, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to shake things up when it comes to your hairstyle. The struggle for perfect hair is something that we all deal with and many of us have serious lust when we scroll through Pinterest or Instagram, looking at pictures of people’s perfect locks.

Want hair to rival those inspirational styles online? Here we have put together a guide on how to enter 2018 with the best hair yet.

Get a new haircut

If you really want to go all out for 2018, get yourself a new haircut. Or why not get yourself some hair extensions for a hair revamp. Changing your style or length can make a big difference to your confidence and let you start the New Year feeling good.

Go on a hair diet

Without healthy hair, there is no such thing as a good hair day. You have a makeup routine right? So if you don’t have a decent foundation, it’s almost impossible to get a good look. So think of your hair just like you would your make up routine. Healthy hair gives you shine, more volume and the ability to do more with it.

If you have too much sugar and caffeine it will affect how your hair grows and the appearance of it. Feature more protein in your diet too, think white meat, eggs and lots of fish. Protein can help hair repair itself so introducing more to your diet could speed up this process and help you maintain healthy looking hair.

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Moisturise more

With the heating on through winter at home and in the office, your hair will get dry and so a deep conditioning treatment once or twice a week is a good idea, leading up to the New Year.

Get rid of build-up

Just like your face, your hair holds on to a product which reduces shine and makes your locks feel matted and heavy. You will need to to get some clarifying shampoo to exfoliate your hair with and remove the build up.

Try a cold rinse when you wash your hair

A cold rinse for your hair will close your cuticle and help reduce frizz. Try to do this each time you wash your hair for the best results and shiny locks to enjoy in the New Year.

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Get rid of the heat

In the months leading up to the new year try boycotting the heated products for a while. Air drying your hair and creating fun styles without touching the curlers or straighteners are great ways to get your hair into a good condition.

Avoid brushing your hair when its wet

Wet hair stretches, so it has a tendency to break when brushed. Only use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair to avoid breakage and if you insist on brushing it straight out of the shower then use a natural bristle brush, as they are best for distributing the natural oils throughout your hair.


Clips or hairbands can really complement your hair well. Co-ordinate them with your outfit and it will really show off your personality. Hair accessories come in lots of different shapes, styles, and sizes and many of them are great for securing tour hairstyles in place whilst others work well as hair ornaments. Try to work these into your look for the New Year.

Try out these tips and walk into 2018 with your best hair yet!


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