Best Shampoos and Conditioners


Best Shampoos and Conditioners

by Julia Paddon

Hair CV: vaguely curly. Not an explosion of ringlets or an 80’s perm equivalent, but more of a naturally occurring ‘medium wave’. It’s a look that most people can achieve with a good set of rollers – if a little more haphazard!

Over the years my hair has evolved. I am reliably informed I had no hair until I was two, when I then cultivated some very darling platinum blonde ringlets. Alas, these weren’t destined to stay and over the years my hair gradually deepened in colour and straightened until I joined senior school with a mousy brown, thick, straight(ish) frizzy mop. Suffice to say, the world pre-ceramic straighteners was a cruel one for me, but a cute indie pixie crop saved the day.

During university – and quite inexplicably – my curls returned and since then I have embraced them wholeheartedly, coaxing them every day with mousse, curl cream and my best friend – I go nowhere overnight without it – the diffuser. I can’t help but believe that my hair CV above (plus several extra rosettes for ‘experimental colour’) makes me uniquely qualified to try and test all shampoos and conditioners across all hair types and tones myself!

And, controversially, I say don’t be afraid of a bit of mix and match. How else are you supposed to use up the inexplicable never ending bottle of conditioner? It’s either that or buy two shampoos at a time.

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Three sets that really do belong together are:
(1) Sisley’s indulgent hair care duo, which is the perfect luxurious finishing touch for any bride to be. Shampoo, £45, Conditioner, £43.50 from
(2) Dermalogica’s shine therapy shampoo and silk finish conditioner, which are perfection for sensitive scalps. Shampoo £18, Conditioner £21.50 from Dermalogica
(3) L’Occitane’s radiance and colour care duo, which lock in colour and shine. Shampoo and Conditioner both £14, Stockist details: 020 7907 0301/


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When it comes to shampoo my experimental testing journey taught me to trust what it says on the bottle. Straightening shampoo on curly hair is ok for one day, but three days in a row and your curls are visibly, well, less curly. Here are my top shampoo picks for the results you want.

YOU WANT: Happy shiny, shiny hair – YOU NEED: Lush Fairtrade Honey, £7/110g
WANT: A glittering rich brunette boost – NEED: Leo Bancroft Beautifully Brunette, £4 from Tesco
WANT: Help for your dry hair – NEED: Naked Shine Honey and Mallow Hydrating, £4.07
WANT: A festival hair cure – NEED: Phyto Paris Clarifying Detoxifying, £10.50 John Lewis
WANT: UV protection for winter sun – NEED: Organic Care Systems Aqua Boost, £10.95
WANT: To embrace your inner eco warrior – NEED: Attitude Eco-friendly and carcinogen free, £8.95 Waitrose
WANT: To repair your split ends – NEED: Label.m intensive repair shampoo, £11.95, Toni&Guy
WANT: A sleek finish – NEED: Trevor Sorbie – beautifully straightened, £4.99, Boots


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A good conditioner is harder to find. Several tested well at first but then quickly made my hair greasy or dull or lifeless – or all three. Here’s the best of the best for your hair.

YOU HAVE: Flyaway hair – YOU NEED: Andrew Barton, The Frizz Tamer, £3, ASDA
HAVE: A backcomb addiction – NEED: Macadamia Deep Repair Masque, £12/50/100ml,
HAVE: A sensitive scalp – NEED: Burts Bees Pomegranate, £9.99,
HAVE: Luxurious glossy long locks – NEED: Phil Smith Glam Shine, £3.99, Sainsbury’s
HAVE: Frizzy hair – NEED: Daniel Galvin Junior DGJ Organics Hangover Hair, £4, Morrisons
HAVE: Promised yourself to shop organic – NEED: Green People Frequent Use Duo, £19.90,
HAVE: Coloured your hair since forever – NEED: MilkShake Colour Maintainer, £12.99, stockists:



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