Best Haircuts for Men

best haircuts for men

Look Sharp

By Rob Eaton

When it comes to great looking hairstyles, why should women have all the fun? It is now easier than ever for men to experiment with super-flattering and masculine hair styles – and to change their look more than ever. Celebs have helped popularise new looks for men, with inspiration coming from bands, the catwalk and movie stars. Those who wish to sport versatile and not ultra-short hairdos will have the chance to choose more than ever in the future. Hair cutting, styling and the right products can now bring out the most of your hair type and texture. Men’s hair trends are all about diversity. Hair is the ultimate fashion accessory and it can change easily to work with any look.

Men’s hairstyles come under lots of shapes and styles and it can be hard to decide what to go for… The secret to find the best hairstyles for men is to work with what you’ve got and to keep the look sharp and modern. Here are my top trends for men’s hair…

Sides are being worn shorter with more length on the top

This hot look is a classic crop that is square and sharp through the sides and back with an almost military feel. The top is worn textured using curl or waves created with modern form or perming techniques, or simply by using irons or crimpers for an edgy feel.

Flat tops are a comeback look, appearing on some of the big catwalk shows and have slowly filtered onto the high street. The sides are being worn shorter with more length on the top. This look works best for clients with a good head of hair, preferably straight and with a good hairline (so not good for people who are receding, as it loses the shape of the flat top). This is a very strong and edgy look.

haircuts for men

Looks can be simple and natural or creative and strong

This look encapsulates now – short back and sides, very military and regimented but with length or movement left on top. This can be worn sleek and flat or blow-dried with a classic feel, or left to work with the hair’s natural texture to create a shorter texture.

Longer hair will offer more options for high street hair styling tricks and techniques. The hair is cut short on the sides, around the ears, and in the back. The hair on top is left a bit longer to provide body and height to his style. The ends are razor cut to provide more texture. Despite the messy appearance of this style, it is created deliberately. It takes just a few minutes and some product to create.

Men’s hair colour is massive now and guys’ looks can be simple and natural or creative and strong. This season’s hottest look is a grey and silver tone. It’s not for everyone. But for those who are brave enough to try it, a full steel grey tone looks edgy and cool. It’s a great way of embracing those natural greys that may be showing.


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