9 Beautiful Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles for a New Look


One of the best ways to wear your short hair is embracing long pixie cut. Many red-carpet regulars are sporting this beautiful cut, and everyone is falling in love with it. Do you know why? Well, as you can see here, the haircuts are glam, sleek, elegant and sophisticated.

We thought it would be great if we share this useful information about long pixie haircuts that are the talk of the town. These haircuts are the next big thing in the hairstyling niche. See the following haircuts and learn how each of the styles works. Scroll down and get inspired to try one!

Layered Long Pixie Cut

Just as same as layered looks, this long pixie cut is suitable for thin hair. Your hair may appear wispy when trimmed straight or with the blunt baseline. But opt for layering of various lengths of hair strands and your hair will get a tremendous gain in volume-with no usage of any product either. Sweet!

Chopped Blonde Pixie And Extended Bangs

This is one of the trendiest hairstyles now for short hair. This long pixie cut incorporates cute bangs and looks beautiful and cute throughout the year. The bluntly trimmed layers enhance depth, while the blonde shade makes a striking style statement.

Messy Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

You need to take a look at every side of this pixie cut to get a good idea of what it is-from the back view of the strands to frontal layers. The deep side-parting is just lovable and sexy, which gives this style a flattering dramatic touch, ideal for the urban princess of hipsters and also for the bohemian dreamer!

Fun Orange-Y Undercut Long Pixie

If you are looking for a special, bold aesthetic, then your journey ends right here on this haircut. This fun orange-y incorporates the two worlds in a classic undercut pixie. The style is achieved by cutting the manes at the back of your head. Then the long hair is allowed loose and free to fall effortlessly over the shaved section.

This has been the on-trend hairstyle thanks to many celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry who are brazing the shows with it.

Asymmetrical Brunette Long Pixie

It is interesting to style one colour pixie long cut. Choose asymmetrical silhouette and enhance the glitter with the right hair products for your locks then isolate some strands with waves. This haircut also looks great on curly hair also and it is a must try if you are looking for something trendy and seamless.


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