Where to Get the Best Reiss Dresses in Singapore

Where to Get the Best Reiss Dresses in Singapore main

Reiss dresses are preferred for their exclusivity, silky fabrics, and a design that enjoys a fusion of history and modernity. In Singapore, as in other countries, it is common to see people donning this amazing dress either casually or formally. It is commonly worn to work and even less official places like a date.

As such, Reiss dresses are pretty popular, but with lots of stores selling Reiss clothing, there could be a problem deciding where exactly to get one. Unfortunatly, in as much as there are many genuine brands, there are also fraudulent stores masquerading as authentic.

As a result, it is crucial knowing the most authentic and best places to get a Reiss dress. So, whether you’re a new buyer or an existing customer, here are the top 5 places to get a Reiss dress in Singapore.

5 Places to Get a Reiss Dress in Singapore.


First on our list for Reiss Singapore is retail store, SINGSALE. SINGSALE is one of the leading online retailers in Singapore with a wide variety of products in their coffers and, of course, the elegant Reiss dresses. In SINGSALE, you can get the best Reiss dresses at reasonable prices.

Assuredly, SINGSALE products are of top-grade qualities as you don’t need to fret about the products you’ll get in this store. In addition, SINGSALE is available online, meaning you can shop for a diverse range of Reiss dresses in the comfort of your home.

You can also check out SINGSALE reviews on Trustpilot, a digital platform created for people to share their experiences and help people make better and more informed decisions.

2. Reiss.

Certainly, the most secure place to get a Reiss dress is in Reiss online store. Although headquartered in England, Reiss’s pervasive online presence already covers their physical absence in Singapore. In addition, the website has diverse Reiss apparel ranging from dresses to hats and other gender-neutral products.

Additionally, the website is pretty easy to navigate; you don’t need to be an advanced internet literate to create a cart on the company’s website. Further, logistics is available to help you ferry your goods to Singapore.

Where to Get the Best Reiss Dresses in Singapore

3. Queensway.

One of Singapore’s leading clothing stores, Queensway, is at the centre of Singapore’s capital. Queensway offers an exhaustive range of dresses, particularly sports, but they also provide Reiss dresses.

Unlike the stores mentioned above, Queensway is physically and virtually present in Singapore. The mall is located at 1 Queensway, Singapore 149071. With its high value for money quotient, Queensway shopping is another brilliant place for sports apparel and Reiss dresses.

4. Zalora.

Zalora is an online retail company that offers a huge range of products. Since 2012, Zalora has lived up to its reputation as a trustworthy store. It enjoys a broad presence in South East Asia but is headquartered in Singapore. Notably, Zalora lists an impressive collection of Reiss dresses at reasonable prices.

Thanks to the company’s 40% discount on goods not worth more than $100, you can get a handful of Zalora at reduced prices. Also, the company provides 30-day free returns and free delivery after reaching a specific threshold in your purchases.

5. Next Direct

Next Direct lists elegant Reiss dresses in their collection. They have both men’s and women’s apparel. So secured, getting a Reiss from this store is safe, and prices are relatively affordable. Notable Reiss dresses come for as low as $50.

Next Direct enjoys a prominent virtual presence, using a simplified interface that makes shopping immersive. Fortunately, too, Next Direct offers free deliveries as you can get ordered products from anywhere for free.


Do you want a dazzling Reiss dress in Singapore? Look no further; Singapore is home to a sizable number of brands selling Reiss wears of any range. You can get Reiss of the best quality and reasonable prices in the stores mentioned above. Thankfully, most of these stores offer online and physical stores.


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