The Rise of Retro in Fashion: Why Everyone Loves a Comeback

The Rise of Retro in Fashion main

Much more than just “old, secondhand clothes,” retro pieces are becoming more and more popular for men and women around the globe. In fact, it is even getting to the point where vintage can be considered part of mainstream fashion.

Celebrities, influencers, and the most stylish people in the world love to wear their retro pieces with pride. This has inevitably boosted the vintage clothing market and has demonstrated that secondhand clothing can be made modern.

From the quality to the stories and the individual looks, keep reading to learn about the rise of retro in fashion and why everyone loves a comeback.

1. Better Quality

Generally, vintage clothing is made to such a high quality that it is unmatched by that of anything made today, apart from the highest-end luxury designers. That is because back in the day, clothing was made to last. There was no polyester, and the mindset was always quality over quantity. That is why you can often find incredibly luxurious details on vintage pieces (such as generous hems and exquisitely crafted buttons).

Today, unfortunately, with the rise of fast-fashion, clothing is cheaper than ever to make, and manufacturers are more concerned with producing mass quantities at the lowest price possible. Therefore, (apart from your favourite Coach bags), vintage is the best way to experience genuine luxury construction. What’s more, the better crafted a piece of clothing is, the more flattering it will be on you. And, because of the extra fabric inside the item, it will be far easier to have it tailored to your exact dimensions.

2. Timeless Looks

It is no secret that fashion is cyclical, and that what goes around, comes around. This statement is only becoming more evident as time goes on, and old trends come back into style. This alone makes it clear why retro fashion is becoming more popular as it is easier to mix old pieces with contemporary styles.

Many savvy fashionistas would rather have the original piece than the revamped one. There are plenty of examples of designers (like Calvin Klein) looking into their brand’s archives for inspiration. This helps them to ensure they are designing clothing that respects their brand’s heritage, while still moving the dial forward.

As vintage shopping is becoming more widespread, consumers are realising that they can find items that are both adaptable to the latest trends and that are also timeless classics that can work as wardrobe staples. If a style is still considered stylish after decades, then it is clearly timeless in nature. You can be assured that items like this are worth the investment because they are always going to be en vogue (in their own way).

The Rise of Retro in Fashion clothes

3. Unique Style

You know those individuals who always seem to look stylish? Yeah, those ones. Well, chances are, they know that the most important aspect of style is originality. Style should be a medium through which you are able to communicate who you are and what your personality is like to the world. Many consumers find mainstream fashion too generic.

One of the reasons that retro clothing is so popular is because it enables people to express themselves and their unique style. It is rare to run into someone on the street who is wearing the same ’50s dress as you. The same can’t be said of Zara’s latest collection!

That is why you tend to see so many vintage pieces on the red carpet because celebrities know it is a surefire way to stand out from everyone else. Spend a day walking around in a vintage garment that (basically) nobody else in the world owns, and you will quickly realise how wonderful it is to have treasure in your wardrobe.

4. Soulful Stories

For many people, vintage clothing is more than just a shopping habit – it is a way of life. They aren’t merely old pieces; instead, these garments have a remarkable soul to them. Each vintage piece is filled with stories and memories of the owners who came before. This means that by purchasing and wearing a piece of vintage clothing, you are continuing that story and keeping those people alive.

In addition, there is (undeniably) history and art wrapped up in the fabric of vintage pieces. In other words, incorporating retro garments into your outfits means clothing yourself in history, art, and romance. Even if you don’t have any concrete details about the history of a piece, all it requires is a little imagination to formulate those special stories yourself. Why is vintage clothing so popular? Well, it is just really, truly special.

What do you think about retro fashion and secondhand clothes? Are you a vintage aficionado or are you more-than-a-little-scared of your local thrift store? Let us know your thoughts and any vintage shopping tips you have in the comments below!


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