Key Fashion Trends in 2019

Key Fashion Trends in 2019 main

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is the best way to stand out when you’re attending formal and informal meetings, company dinners or simply enjoying some tapas when out with friends. Keeping up to date with today’s latest fashions is about highlighting contrasts and knowing the perfect way to look and act in any situation. There’s a style for every moment in time and for each individual and personality, from Boho chic style to the Gothic look.

If you aren’t sure about the fashions and trends that apply to this year and next year, we’re going to tell you about a selection of the most recent and appealing fashions and styles that are attracting more followers and much popularity right now. If you like to keep up with the times but aren’t sure how to do so, this article is ideal for you.

The latest styles

It’s important to note the difference between fashion and style as these aren’t the same. When we talk about fashion, we’re referring to a global, general trend that’s both imposed and ephemeral and varies from one season to the next. However, when we talk about style, we’re talking about what’s unique to each individual. Therefore, this is personal and related to someone’s individual character and feelings, as well as the way they see and perceive the world. Both concepts are interlinked and form an emerging new foundation, which is known as fashion styles.

Boho Chic

This style began life in 2004 and is possibly the most imitated style. However, it’s hard to replicate because it’s so wide and free and includes groups like hippies, as well as ethnic and bohemian elements that all come together. It also features overtones from the most diverse cultures from the American Indians to the Andalusian arabesques, accessories of Zingaro origin to cowboy boots representing the Wild West.

Key Fashion Trends in 2019 BOHO CHIC


It’s hard to tell the difference between Ibizan style and fashion since this represents an iconic lifestyle, character and personality, but also goes through annual trends that come and go like any fashion. Its characteristics are flowing, white or grey garments with light tones, dating back to the hippie era on the island of Ibiza in the 1960s. There’s also a very liberal, multi-ethnic and crafty vibe to this style.


This is yet another completely sweeping style of recent years, continuing the trend of mixing the most diverse styles in a true hipster-like manner. This style encompasses with bikers, tramps, hippies, as well as grunge and even Boho Chic. Therefore, it offers the unique opportunity for an individual to find their own original style.


This is much more than a style and is, in fact, a concept that applies to the very person themselves. It refers to someone who’s always in fashion, who cares about how they look and who manages to adapt their own style to suit every trend that seems to be in fashion at the time. Indeed, the word trendy comes from the English language and means a ‘trend’ or the latest fashion.


This is quite possibly the antithesis of the previous concept since here, we’re talking about a style that belongs to people who avoid the trendy fashion world and prefer to remain faithful to their own concepts, having created an exclusive style of their very own.


A style most commonly found in situations where there’s no dress code. The aim here is to dress elegantly without sticking to very rigid criteria. This concept embraces everything that allows us to dress comfortably and, at the same time, to project our own personality so that we can apply this to situations like going to work, shopping or going out for evening drinks.

Key Fashion Trends in 2019 model


This style isn’t just exclusively feminine these days, although women are still those who make the most of it. When sexy fashion applies to women, they try to show off as much skin as possible without losing their elegance. This style highlights the best characteristics of the breasts, legs, belly … and for a style to be sexy, it must attract the admiring glances of the opposite sex, wearing, among others, high heels, blouses, low-cut tops and miniskirts.


This style is totally dominated by brands and, when referring to streetwear, we have to consider the look offered by Eastpack or blackflyz, for example.


This is a very interesting style that’s all the rage among groups of girls. It’s related to pop and independent music. A preppy person is straight from the closet inspired by the schoolboy era and can be thought of as a little nerdy. The plus side is having a little luxury to make it a style that expresses great personality and has an undeniable appeal.

Punk, rock, gothic

These are other styles based on musical genres that walk the fashion tightrope, but never fade and always look good on those who have a daring and indomitable character. These styles feature with leather garments with a lot of black and icons and symbols of the groups that lead these styles.


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