Jeggings: Why Are They So Popular?

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Jeggings: Why Are They So Popular?

Jeggings are one of the fasting growing trends in the whole world of fashion, let alone legwear. They are fast overtaking the more classic and more traditional types of legwear, and they are becoming among the most useful, versatile and well-loved items of legwear we have ever seen. Leggings themselves are the things that are really on the rise, but if you were to pick one particular type, it would be jean leggings or ‘jeggings’.

There are as many kinds of leggings as there are tights in the world for a fashion lover to try out. Some of the newest hot ticket items are crushed velvet leggings which are becoming very widespread, and viscose leggings which are among the most comfortable.

“Replacement for jeans”

jeggings why are they so popular jeansGetting leggings online has made this trend even more popular. This is because online clothes shopping has traditionally been the trickiest type of shopping, thanks to sizing and other issues. But this type of clothing doesn’t suffer from that. Leggings stretch so you have an easier time shopping for new stuff when you buy leggings online rather than other types of apparel.

So why is it that jeggings are particularly sought after? The short answer is they are one of the more versatile and familiar items of their kind. They look like jeans and are looking increasingly indistinguishable from jeans each season. Now, they even have back pockets built in and give you the tight skinny jeans fit that is so sometimes frustratingly uncomfortable and confined.

Luxury leggings are no longer just the more ornate ones with magnificent patterns and Swarovski studs. Elite designers and fashion houses are making jeggings too, and it is becoming a quick replacement for jeans, as they slip on more comfortably than skinny jeans and look just as good.

“Swap and match”

But what about pairing and matching your new items? Well, the fact that they look identical to the blue jeans that every soul on the planet loves, and every person looks good in, makes them a natural fit. Wear them with anything that goes with jeans. That means writing a list of things they don’t go with rather than do, which is much shorter. For example, be careful pairing with a denim jacket, and avoid black shoes, although black tops often look great. Other than that, feel free to swap and match with pretty much your whole wardrobe.

Other kinds of leggings you can pair with as if they too were trousers. Black leggings are great for black tops and anything that isn’t brown or dark blue. Crushed velvet leggings look great with more everyday tops or printed tops, so long as they aren’t too embellished or have a lot of trim. The rule of thumb is to match your leggings with the most similar looking trousers you can imagine, and you’ll be fine.

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