Leeds Product Designer Harnesses Light Technology in Innovative Handbag Designs

innovative handbag light fabrikk

Innovative Handbag Light Illuminates Dark Bags

Leeds Product Designer Solves Long-Standing Handbag Issue

Kate Pearson from Leeds is the first to use a new technology in LED luminescent materials to replace the traditional lining of handbags, solving the struggle and frustration of rummaging around trying to find things in the dark. Kate has designed bags that automatically switch-on when opened, providing an attractive subtle glow. This illuminates the entire inside of the bag with a discreet personal light.

innovative handbag light fabrikk led

LED lights illuminate the bag when it is opened

Kate’s brand, Fabrikk, focuses on innovative new materials and technology, ethical sourcing and quality local manufacturing to bring a unique and niche concept to the market place.

Their first product, the Fabrikk Vela, is a small, stylish ladies bag made from a variety of vegan-friendly cork leathers and of course the new LED material inside.

Yorkshire-based business Fabrikk is committed to using new and innovative materials in their designs, and is the first brand in the world to integrate this type of LED technology into bag linings.

Innovative Handbag Light: “Illuminates the entire inside of the bag”

Light emitting fibre optic threads are weaved into traditional material, creating an illuminated fabric that is easy on the eyes.

innovative handbag light fabrikk logo

Fabrikk’s bags solve the issue of hard-to-find items inside a handbag

The bags are powered by a small battery pack and a single LED source that can be changed to white, red, blue or green light, depending on your preference.

The Vela also features exciting new material cork leather. Made from the bark of the cork tree, the material has been gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional animal skins, due to being soft, durable, vegan and environmentally friendly.

It is available in black, natural and green snakeskin (no snakes were harmed in the making) with more colours and styles coming soon.

The Vela is now in production in the UK, and is available to buy at fabrikk.co.uk


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