Introducing Hyggeligt – Danish Architecture


Introducing Hyggeligt – Danish Architecture

When it comes to architecture and design, Danes do it better. It’s all based in their secret to happy living: hygge. Danes say that hygge is the secret of their happiness – and hygge is what makes their architecture shine as much it does. This happiness is, as we will discover, hidden in small things…

Sara Lopez, an international student living in Denmark experienced hygge as soon as she moved to Denmark. Here, she shares with us her favourite examples of Danish architecture…

During my first weeks in Denmark I barely noticed Danish hygge. To be honest, I did not know what it was. Then I started to work for Trendhim, a Danish fashion company of men’s accessories like men’s leather bracelets and earrings. The company tries to implement hygge in everything they do, not only in their workplace but also in the accessories they sell. Since that moment, my house is full of ‘hyggekrogs’.

Hyggeligt Danish architecture orestad college

Danish Pavilion, Shanghai Expo 2010

This pavilion was an opportunity to try out what it’s like to be a Dane. You could visit the original and famous Little Mermaid on foot or by bike, see your kids run in the yard or soak your feet in the water at the Pool Harbour. Just like a true Dane! The building itself is a monolithic steel structure designed as a double spiral with both pedestrian and cycle lanes. In this way, you can experience the Danish exhibition both inside and outside at two speeds.

Hyggeligt Danish architecture university

Orestad College, Copenhague

The college we all dreamed of as a teenager. Communication, interaction and synergy have been the key construction ideas. The project shows a visionary interpretation of flexibility regarding team sizes, ranging from individual groups to classes and assemblies. It’s the clear representation of international trends aiming to achieve greater dynamism and motivation for students while enforcing them to gradually take responsibility for their own learning both in teams or individually.

This university is a clear example of the Danish society and their secret of a happy life: hygge.  At the end, this type of architecture is a clear reflection of the country’s values.

Hyggeligt Danish architecture the wave 2

The Wave, Vejle

The new symbol of Vejle is a distinctive nine floor residential building with an incredible location next to Skyttehushugten Bay and Vejle Fjord. With its five unique characteristics, the Wave in Vejle stands out as a sculptural icon both respecting and challenging its location. Architecturally, the building is related to its fantastic location in Vejle Fjord. During the day, the building is characterised by the smooth movements of the waves reflected on the surface of the fjord’s water. At night, the characteristic profile of the Wave appears as a undulating mountain of light and colour.

Hyggeligt Danish architecture wergman house

Bergman-Werntoft House

This house is not in Denmark but is designed by a Danish architect. It is situated in the heart of Ljungskogen forest, Sweden covering larger portions of the Ljunghusen residential area in Vellinge, south of Malmö. Its main objective is to invoke nature in the house and to dissolve the climate barrier. There is a conservatory that can be completely open on its two sides. The whole house has been designed to meet one aspect: Hygge.


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