How to Choose Your Style for School

How to Choose Your Style for School main

Choose your style and get ready for the new school year with our tips…

The back to school season is the ideal time to start fresh and reinvent yourself. A new year has started, and you need to define yourself and your style. Take some fashion risks, put yourself out there, and spend every day looking too cool for school.

Not sure where to start? Here are some actionable recommendations for finding your inner fashionista.

Refresh Your Hairstyle

Getting a new hairstyle can make you feel like a whole new person. Try a trendy new look that fits your face shape and your flair. 2019 has been an incredible year in the fashion world, creating a lot of versatility in style. Whether you opt for a boho-inspired bob or a chic and sleek 90s-style straight cut, find something you love and rock it.

If you’re not ready to make a significant change, look at a few simple daily hairstyles you can try to change things up. Pinterest is an invaluable resource for simple hair tutorials that will look like you hired a personal stylist over the summer.

Get Some New Kicks

Back-to-school is the best time to get a new pair of shoes. Get yourself cool shoes that will give you added confidence as you walk down the halls. Choose something versatile that goes with everything, like a pair of Converse high-tops. Better yet, get two pairs of shoes: one for fashion and one for function.

New shoes will give you an added push to get ready and get out the door in the morning. They may be the motivation you need to transition from the relaxed summer hours you’ve been keeping to a more structured routine this autumn.

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Choose a Signature Look

Define a signature look that conveys who you are inside. Being authentic to yourself will help you find clothes that allow you to be comfortable in your own skin, without trying to be someone else.

Are you ready to embrace your inner “nerd” and reclaim that word from the naysayers? Are you sporty, and ready to showcase your athleticism on and off the field by hopping aboard the athleisure trend? Are you girly and hoping to capture your femininity?

Choose a signature item that will become your calling card. Is it black nail polish? Eye-catching statement earrings? An edgy leather jacket? Whatever it is, it should pull your look together and become so iconic that when people see it somewhere else, they think of you.

Whatever your style and however you identify, translate that into your signature look. It doesn’t matter what style you choose to wear: confidence looks magnificent on everyone.

To Makeup or not to Makeup?

Don’t feel pressured into wearing makeup because you think you should. On the other hand, if you love watching makeup tutorials online and feel compelled to showcase your skills, go for it!

Wearing makeup is a personal choice. Some people feel better wearing it while others feel more comfortable without it. Have a discussion with the rule-makers in your life and see if you can reach an agreement. The natural look is in; wearing a touch of BB cream or mineral powder with mascara and lip tint can subtly enhance your natural glow without requiring too much time or attention.

At this age, it’s important to remember that skincare can be a challenge. If you choose to wear makeup, make it a priority to thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise your face each day. Whenever possible, choose natural brands that are free of irritants and won’t block your pores.

Beauty shines from the inside out. While it’s fun to be trendy, don’t sacrifice your individuality to fit in. Embrace your unique qualities and build your style around them. Your confidence and self-assurance will help you rule the school.


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