Choosing the Ideal Mother of the Bride Dress

Choosing the Ideal Mother of the Bride Dress main

Is there a wedding in the future for your daughter? Perhaps that means you are going to be searching for Mother of the Groom dresses. Congratulations on your daughter’s special day, but maybe there are some things you need to know in order to get the perfect dress to complement her!

The first thing to remember is to not procrastinate in your dress choosing. Once you know when the wedding will be, you can already pick the right dress to match the season and your daughter’s theme. The bonus about these types of dresses is that they do not commonly go out of style, so you can have it and use it at future occasions as well – so go on and splurge a little. But be aware that if you buy a cutting edge, highly stylised creation it won’t always be readily wearable.

The main reason you need to start looking immediately is so you can ensure you have the time to get the perfect dress. You need to start trying on dresses, and find the one that not only complements your daughter on her special day, but one that is the perfect match and fit for you and your personality. If you wait too long to start this process, you may have to settle on the dress that is available at the time, where if you have a lot of time to do make your choice you could end up with the perfect Mother of the Bride Dress for the special day.

Choosing the Ideal Mother of the Bride Dress wedding

“Use the bridesmaids’ dress colour as a starting point”

Once you know the style of dress you are looking for, be it anything from Mother of the Bride Dresses Long to classic dresses, you need to pick the perfect colour. To do this it is most common to use the bridesmaids’ dress colour as a starting point. What you want to do is choose a colour that will complement their dresses and not clash with them. So if the bride has chosen pink for her bridesmaids’ dresses, you should definitely not pick a green dress. Think of, perhaps, a darker shade of pink. One thing to keep in mind, there are colours that you should avoid altogether when picking your mother of the bride dress: white, ivory, black, red, overly bright colours, and colours that are overly common.

Once you have your colour, you need to set your budget. So what do you do if the first shop you walk into has the perfect dress for you? Not only does it look amazing, it makes you look ten years younger and fifteen pounds slimmer. The drawback is the price tag. This “prefect” dress costs twice what you had budgeted. It is totally up to you, but just remember, if this dress works this way, there must be another one out there. You do not need to spend a whole lot of money to look great on the big day.

So now you can get down to business and start picking out the perfect dress to complement your daughter’s dress – and make you look stunning at the same time!


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