5 Steps to Becoming a Fashion Marketer

5 Steps to Becoming a Fashion Marketer main

If you love fashion, but you aren’t the best at making or modelling clothes, then you should consider a career as a fashion marketer. ‘Diverse’ is one of the best ways to describe the world of fashion marketing. This career offers many challenges and plenty of excitement to those who love fashion and choose to follow this path. Fashion marketers are expected to work at the forefront of fashion, in order to gain the recognition that the brand deserves. If you manage to become successful, you may get the opportunity to work with a number of popular household names. In order to get to that level, you will need to work your way up in the industry. However, everyone needs to start somewhere, and today we will be looking at 5 steps to becoming a fashion marketer.

Acquire a Degree

Ideally, you should study a marketing degree rather than a fashion degree, as a degree in marketing will teach you all the technical aspects to becoming a successful marketer. Sites like University Compare are a great place to start and can help you find the right course. Their website provides the information you need on various university profiles, including this guide to marketing degrees, to help you become the best marketer you can be.

Become Digitally Savvy

In today’s world, understanding how to use and work technology is important to thrive in most work environments and to become a fashion marketer, you must be digitally savvy. Online presence is extremely important in the world of fashion, so you must be able to demonstrate and understand how to implement this. Digital marketing modules or qualifications will help you with this.

5 Steps to Becoming a Fashion Marketer business

Gain Work Experience

Just like most competitive careers, work experience is essential in becoming a fashion marketer. Work experience can help you gain the knowledge and skills required for brand success in the fashion industry. It is something that won’t be learned while you study your marketing degree, so it will stand out on your job application and will make you better at what you want to do.

Create a Portfolio

A portfolio may not seem important for those who aren’t planning on becoming a fashion designer, however, it could really put you head and shoulders above the rest in fashion marketing roles. Not only will you show your understanding in fashion, but you can also use the portfolio to boost your experience of the industry and your creativity, which can be applied to your marketing techniques.

Make Relevant Connections

It is never too early to start making connections in the fashion world, so you should start networking as soon as you can. Even with a degree, fashion is something that can be difficult to get into without knowing anyone in the industry. If you have a contact who can offer you work experience or advice on how to progress as a fashion marketer, then you should use them to your advantage.

Plenty of time and research is required to find the right level of education, experience, and knowledge required to become a fashion marketer. Starting sooner rather than later to find connections and to create a good background is essential for success.


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