4 Fashion Tips for Little Girls this Summer

4 Fashion Tips for Little Girls this Summer

With the unpredictable British weather and mini heatwaves on the way it can be difficult to dress your little girls during the summer. Sometimes, we opt for a simple t-shirt and shorts to keep it comfortable, but this look can become a bit boring. It’s time to ditch the summer uniform and put together some stylish outfits that will work for busy mum’s and the little ones. Look at some of our top fashion tips below:

Lightweight Clothes and Accessories

Stay cool and stylish in hot weather by opting for lighter fabrics such as linen and cotton. By dressing your little girls in breathable materials, it will allow them to run freely in the sun with friends. These items often come in neutral colours and patterns and in basic silhouette styles, so think staple pieces and essentials when it comes to choosing summer clothes and accessories. A linen blouse, paper bag shorts and fun sandals would be a great outfit choice to allow both their body and toes to breathe! Add a stylish sun hat, lightweight necklace, cute hairband and sunglasses to any look and take your girl’s outfit to the next level!

Ditch the Denim

When it comes to summer wardrobe essentials it might be time to ditch the denim. Sometimes, parent’s think that denim jeans or shorts are their only option, but that’s not the case. Try adding some fun solid colour shorts, or a cute polka dot print skirt to your child’s wardrobe. Mix up the shorts style with a paper bag waist and bow fastening, add a simple tee and some pompom sandals and you’re good to go.

4 Fashion Tips for Little Girls this Summer accessories

Dress it up

If you prefer to ditch the shorts completely then why not try a sophisticated summer dress? Don’t limit yourself to a classic shift dress, opt for a linen button up to showcase minimal effort and just how trendy your little one can be! Try floral prints and bright coloured dresses to boast their creative side! Dresses are perfect for the summer season whether you want a puff sleeve embroidered dress with matching bow socks, or a patterned skater dress for everyday wear, there are endless styles available! Children’s designer boutiques stock the most vibrant and trendy items. Check out the girls designer clothes available at Strawberry Children for your go to summer styles.

Fun Footwear

If you do not wish to go too bold too soon with your child’s summer outfits, then try some neutral colour basic pieces on top, but be sure to include a fashion statement on the bottom! Playful and colourful sandals give a new lease of life to any outfit. Have a basic black or tan leather sandal or gladiator on hand for playtime but be sure to invest in some multicoloured flower shoes for party time to inject that pop of colour!


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