A Love Affair with Skincare? Why Yorkshire’s Beauty Lovers Could Be Heading For Trouble

Why Yorkshire’s Beauty Lovers Could Be Heading For Trouble model

A Love Affair with Skincare?

Why Yorkshire’s Beauty Lovers Could Be Heading For Trouble…

Many reports have indicated that the beauty sector is experiencing rapid growth, with some figures suggesting that it will represent well over 25% of the market for self-care products within the next 18-24 months. In fact, a recent article by Look Magazine revealed that Yorkshire residents had a particular affinity with self-tanning and contouring, no doubt fuelled by the constant images of beautifully tanned and chiselled women that adorn the pages of magazine and Instagram profiles! This constant pressure is driving more and more women to spend money on not just cosmetics, but more expensive, and in some cases, invasive beauty treatments. But is this strive for perfection just a harmless pastime or is it the sign of a more serious beauty addiction?

Brand New Beauty

Looking at retail trends often provides interesting insights into consumer behaviour, as retailers are always looking to capitalise on lucrative aspects of the marketplace. It is no surprise therefore, that traditional fashion brands such as Boohoo, ASOS and even Net-A-Porter are now venturing into the world of beauty products, keen to tantalise their consumers with not only fashion, but cosmetics too. With a recent report by the Independent newspaper revealing that the average British woman spends around £70,000 on beauty products in her lifetime, it is no surprise that retailers are keen to profit from this ever-constant pursuit for beauty.

Why Yorkshire’s Beauty Lovers Could Be Heading For Trouble cosmetics

What makes these well-known brands so successful at branching into new areas such as beauty is that they are known and trust brands, meaning that consumers are much more likely to purchase from them than from a lesser known brand offering essentially the same products at similar prices. However, just because a brand may be great at producing an awesome outfit for a girls night out, it doesn’t mean they have necessarily taken the same steps to check and formulate their cosmetics as other skincare-specific businesses have done. Whilst it is fair to assume that they will have followed all the necessary legal testing and compliance, for those with particular sensitivities or allergies, these commercialised cosmetic products may pose additional risks when it comes to skin irritations and adverse reactions.

Taking Beauty to Another Level

The risks posed by cosmetics are one thing, but perhaps what is more concerning is what this often eventually leads to, which is more invasive treatments and procedures. For many, the temporary impact of self-tans, contours and make-up simply aren’t enough to satisfy their needs, meaning that more permanent solutions are needed. From laser hair removal to facial peels, botox and even fat freezing, there are now treatments available for almost every body or beauty insecurity going. The only limit is your bank balance.

Bigger and Better Beauty Treatments?

With many opting for similar beauty treatments to those indulged in by their favourite celebrities or influencers, there are growing risks associated with these procedures, particularly as many are now offered by salons and relatively inexperienced beauticians. In a similar way to hair, nails and even eyebrows, it is often difficult to determine the skill level or quality of a particular beautician before the treatment is conducted.

With many concerned about the costs of beauty treatments alongside their daily living costs, it can be tempting to seek out the cheapest provider, thinking that they are getting a bargain. However, for many, they end up with more than they bargained for in the form of painful and unsightly reactions, and in some cases, permanent damage to their skin.

Why Yorkshire’s Beauty Lovers Could Be Heading For Trouble varnish

Another particularly risky option is to travel abroad, where beauty treatments are often much cheaper. However it is worth bearing in mind that many countries don’t abide by the same standards you’d find in Britain, particularly regarding hygiene and infection prevention.

Many will have seen the tragic story of the Leeds-based women who decided to undertake a Brazilian bum lift in Turkey, and died as a result of the procedure. Whilst many don’t consider the risk of death when evaluating a beauty procedure, the reality is that each and every treatment should be evaluated for any potential risks or complications that might occur.

Popular Beauty Treatments in 2018

Some of the most popular beauty treatments this year include Botox, which is used to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, particularly on the face. Interestingly, it can also be used to treatment other medical problems, including teeth grinding and even migraines. The trouble with Botox is that is has become increasingly commercialised, meaning that it is no longer offered just by qualified skincare doctors and specialists, but in high street salons with relatively inexperienced beauticians.

With Botox being so readily available, it is no surprise that figures have revealed a 41% spike in people aged between 19-34 opting for Botox since 2011. Given the semi-permanent nature of Botox and the fact that it fades in just a matter of months, it is easy to see how these kind of treatments can draw people into the world of beauty addiction.

Why Yorkshire’s Beauty Lovers Could Be Heading For Trouble skin

Another treatment that is rising in prominence is laser treatments. From hair removal through to reducing stretch marks and eradicating acne scarring, it is not surprising that this treatment is an attractive one and offers many benefits. However, many are unaware of the potential complications which can result from laser treatments, including unwanted changes in skin colouration, pain and in some cases, actual burns caused by inappropriate use of the devices or because of a skin reaction to the type of laser treatment administered.

Injury caused by laser treatments is becoming much more frequent, with one women suffering 2nd degree burns after a professional laser procedure. According to compensation specialists AccidentClaims.co.uk, the impact on this particular woman was so severe that she was awarded £13,000 in compensation. Whilst this kind of situation is rare, the risks can be greatly reduced by spending more time evaluating a beauty provider and procedure before taking the plunge and not only handing over your hard earned cash, but potentially your face or body too!

Whilst Yorkshire’s beauty-lovers aren’t as keen on invasive treatments as some of their regional neighbours, the quest for aesthetic perfection is clearly high on the wishlist of many. Taking steps to thoroughly research beauty providers and treatments before opting for them is by far the best way to avoid putting your health and appearance at risk.

Happy beauty hunting!


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