Skin Types – 3 Steps Towards a Better Looking Skin

skin types 3 steps towards a better looking skin

3 Steps Towards a Better Looking Skin

By Samantha Marshall

The skin is the canvas we professional make-up artists work with on a daily basis and the long-term care of it is essential in order to retain that attractive, healthy glow.

But before you start testing and applying, there’s something crucial to ascertain – your skin type. Caring for your skin correctly depends on the type of skin you have: normal, combination, dry, oily or sensitive.

Here is a basic guide which may help but see an expert if you’re not sure – it can save a lot of time and money in the long-run.

“Don’t forget to also use a good cream before bed”

This type of skin is the most common – it has areas that are dry and oily – hence, combination. You might find the forehead, nose or chin are oily (this central panel is referred to as the T-Zone) and the cheeks dry.

Dry skin has, of course, a dry appearance and can become flaky. It can be prone to wrinkles and lines due to a lack of sebum, your skin’s natural oil. Try using a creamy cleanser and apply a moisturiser while the skin is still damp, as this can help seal-in more moisture. Don’t forget to also use a good cream before bed.

skin types 3 steps skin careOILY/ACNE-PRONE SKIN
This type of skin is caused by an over production of sebum making the skin surface greasy. This causes those irksome black heads, white heads, spots and pimples. This type of skin needs to be cleansed thoroughly. Be aware not to use too harsh products to try and combat the greasiness as this can actually stimulate the skin to produce more oil, as can over-washing the skin. Use a light weight moisturiser. MD formulation is a good product to use for oily/ combination skin.

This type of skin has a fine texture and is very sensitive to changes in the climate. Avoid products that contain fragrances, soap or alcohol or unnecessary chemical ingredients that may irritate skin. Deramalogica products are a good product for sensitive skins.

Normal skin has a proper balance between oil and moisture contents and is neither greasy nor dry. The skin tone is even. It looks clear and does not develop spots and blemishes. It just needs gentle treatment.

3 steps towards a better-looking skin

Use about the size of a 5p coin every time you cleanse. Using your fingertips in upward strokes, massage the cleanser into the skin – using the correct movements on the face will help prevent wrinkles. Depending on the type of cleanser you use, either wash it off with warm water or take it off with a dampened cotton wool pad. Unless the cleanser is for use on eyes, try to avoid the eye area as it might be too harsh for the thin skin in this area. Also, try and avoid bar soaps as they tend to dry out the skin.

Don’t forget to cleanse the skin in the morning – this will remove dust and sebum and prepare it for your moisturiser.

One of the worst things you can ever do, which is very common in my line of work, is go to bed with your makeup on. That is a big NO-NO. Whatever products are on the skin when you go to bed will penetrate into the skin overnight. All that makeup and debris from the previous day will clog the pores and cause spots.

Remember, cleansing is an essential skin care step, EVEN if you don’t wear makeup.

“Toning ensures that all traces of cleanser are removed”

skin typesSTEP 2: TONING
Toner is the second most important step in the cleansing process. Toning ensures that all traces of cleanser are removed. It also tightens the pores so there are no more blockages! Again, use cotton wool and don’t drag the skin.

Using a moisturiser is a must for all skin types but it’s important to make sure we are using the right moisturiser for our skin type. They protect the skin from inside and outside. The skin produces moisture from inside which we then need to seal in with a moisturiser. We also need to provide the skin with a barrier against the environment. Contrary to popular belief, even oily skin requires a moisturizer. Oh, and don’t forget that SPF!

Skin Types: Once a week routine

Exfoliation is the step most people forget in their weekly skincare routine. Make sure you buy an exfoliant that is compatible with your skin type – some can be far too harsh. Exfoliating is essential as it gets rid of all the dead skin cells which can make the skin appear dull. Men tend to exfoliate daily when they shave and some people have suggested this is the reason men’s’ skin looks more youthful than women’s.

Don’t forget to cleanse first then exfoliate, rinse off with lukewarm water and then apply a face mask.

Apply a layer all over the face, steering clear of the eyes and let it sink in over 20 minutes. Remove with a dampened washcloth. After the mask, use your toner to remove every last trace of mask before applying anything else to the skin. Then apply that moisturizer.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the eye area. Eye creams help prevent crows feet (wrinkles around eyes). You only need a very small amount. Place it on your index finger and then using both fingers at once on each eye just dab the cream underneath the eye area, around to the sides and just below the eyebrow.


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