The New Beauty Gadget You Need to Get Your Hands On

The New Beauty Gadget You Need to Get Your Hands On contour model

The New Beauty Gadget You Need to Get Your
Hands On

Wouldn’t it be great if we lived in a world where applying make-up could be done at the click of your fingers? Well that fantasy world might not be so far away, because according to Diary Directory, there is a new beauty gadget launching, and we all need to know about it.

Introducing, the Contour 8000, the world’s first make-up printer! A precision engineered device that will give you flawless makeup in just 30 seconds. Imagine what you could do with all that spare time in the mornings. Did someone say snooze?

Using electrostatic spray disposition combined with biometric data, the Contour 8000 guarantees a meticulous finish, accurate to within 1000th of a millimetre, so you can guarantee that you will have perfect make-up every day. The days of wonky winged liner will be in the past and you can forget about having to wash your make-up brushes again.

The New Beauty Gadget You Need to Get Your Hands On contour cartridges

“Everything you need in one place”

Contour 8000 CEO Catherine Gardner said: “It’s actually quite boring putting on make-up and I wanted to find a way in which you could save time. It can take up to half an hour to put your make-up on and get the contouring right, the Contour 8000 does that in 30 seconds.”

The Contour 8000 is able to apply a range of make-up looks, which you can select from on the accompanying app. Each look comes pre-packed in an easy to fit cartridge which allows for up to 10 applications. The cartridges contain powder based products which include foundation, contour, highlighter, eyeshadow and even brow powder, leaving you to apply your own lipstick and mascara.

A built-in mirror means that everything you need is one place, you can use it to apply your lipstick and mascara once the Contour 8000 has worked its magic and to admire your final look before you head out.

We are yet to hear of the official launch date for the Contour 8000, however what we do know is that this is going to completely revolutionise the way we apply make-up!


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