How to Apply Wedding Make-Up

How to Apply Wedding Make-Up

Un-blushing Brides

By Jayne Cooper

It must be the start of the Wedding Season – at least according to my diary. It is full with wedding fayres, bridal exhibitions, gorgeous wedding dress shoots, wedding make-up courses and brides coming for advice on make-up. And do you know what reader – I love it!

But there is nothing more exciting or terrifying than preparing for and completing a bridal make-up. It is not only the Royal Family who have lives that are punctuated with weddings. Yours truly has done the make-up for flower girls aged 19, bridesmaids aged 46 and brides aged 87. The point being, it is very likely every woman will play one of these roles at least once in her life.

how to apply wedding make upWithout exception, weddings are a time when a woman thinks very carefully about her hair, make-up and outfit (apart from my Auntie Irene who wore the same bobbly cardigan and orange lipstick to seven consecutive weddings – every family has one). Nowadays, more women are choosing a specialist make-up artist for their Oscar-winning day. After all, it makes sense. I for one can never understand why someone would buy the dress of their dreams and then say ‘I don’t want to look like I’m wearing much make-up, can you give me a natural look?’ Sorry, but no! It will look plain wrong when you make your winning entrance

“One colour and texture as a base will look unconvincing”

Whatever your beauty routine, from simply washing in water to bathing in Botox, your skin needs to have that plumped up look – like a fresh pillow. So exfoliate and buy products with water retaining properties such as Hylauronic Acid and Trehalose.

There is no one-size-fits-all foundation and there NEVER will be. For many reasons the skin on your face has many different tones and shades and it is in the flattening out of these tones and shades that the ‘cover girl’ complexion is created. A well trained makeup artist will use a magic palette of foundations, concealers and hi-lighters to create the perfect illusion.

how to apply wedding make upConsider… if you slap one colour and texture on as a base it will look unconvincing and lifeless. Oh, by the way, check out the professional make-up primers that are now accessible on the internet and quality cosmetic counters. They can make any complexion incandescent. Leonardo would love them! The question I am most often asked is ‘how can I make up my eyes?’ Again, all eyes are totally unique, but here are some universal basic tips to get you started on ‘Eyedo’ sexy eyes.

“Definition at the lash line is essential”

It is NOT true that eyebrows should start at the point perpendicular to the nose. Think about it; if you have eyes that are close together, wide apart or deep set then you need to assess your eye and face shape closely. Be scientific!

What is going to improve your overall look? Beware lying down and having your eyebrows plucked – how can that work when you stand up and your face and frame changes? Eyebrows should be trimmed first, not plucked. This will give a fabulous shape to the brow and prevent over plucking later.

Definition at the lash line is essential and such an instant prettifier for any woman or bride. Try this – use a small stiff brush and load it with MATTE dark brown eyeshadow – push shadow into the roots of your lashes – repeat – curl lashes then mascara yourself to Mars. Gorgeous!

And finally, be wary of product recommendations! Always sample new cosmetics first! Beauty editors – what do we know, eh? Get Real!

Bride images courtesy of Caroline Castigliano
Other Photography: Image Academy & MBP


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