Dark Eyes – How to Achieve a Smoky, Dramatic Eye Look

dark eyes

Tips to Help Achieve a Dark Eye Look

By Samantha Marshall

We doyens of the ever-changing and slightly crazy world of beauty and cosmetics know that this season is all about dark, smoky, dramatic eyes. So, if you want to know how to achieve eyes as beautiful and black as Cheryl Cole at your Christmas or New Year party, keep on reading!

Start with a blank canvas – that’s your face, with no makeup!

Choose a foundation that is suitable for your skin type and colour. Shop around the cosmetic counters and use those free testers before you buy! Always check the colour in natural daylight too.

To create those luscious, dark, smoky eyes you need a dark grey and a black eye shadow.

Use a brush to apply. Make sure you remove excess eye shadow before applying to the eye. I use the back of my hand, or you could use a tissue. This prevents the particles from the eye shadow dropping onto the skin below the eye.

“Make sure it’s applied right into the corners”

Cover the entire eyelid with the dark grey colour first, extending it towards and beyond the outer eye corner (think cats’ eyes). Once the eye shadow is on, use a cream or gel eyeliner and apply underneath the eyes close to the lashes and on top of the eye following the lashes again.

dark eyes make-upI then like to use the black eye shadow on top of the eyeliner to make it smudgier and give the desired smoky effect. Go all the way into both corners of the eyes, top and bottom. Be brave! The darker it is, the more dramatic they will be. Remember to blend it outwards into the grey eye shadow.

Next, use black kohl pencil inside the eye. Make sure it’s applied right into the corners of your eyes.

Finally, mascara: black mascara – and several coats too! If you want to use false eyelashes put a coat of mascara on before applying them. Once you have applied the lashes go over the edges with either the gel eyeliner or the black eye shadow.

OK, so now Cheryl’s got some competition! But you’re not the finished article just yet…

“Smoky eyes can get away with a strong lip colour”

Eyebrows: As your eyes will now be dramatic you’ll need to darken the brow area, otherwise they will disappear. I like using a dark brown eye shadow, applied with a brush.

Blusher: Pinks are still a great colour this season. Try sucking your cheeks in and using a good brush – apply using sweeping movements from the top of the cheek bone.

Lipstick: With smoky eyes you can get away with a strong lip colour – perfect for leaving your mark underneath the mistletoe! Go for a strong red colour and as glossy as possible. Add lip liner for an even stronger look.

Remember: Take your lipstick or gloss in your handbag for easy top ups – after all, who knows how many times you might find yourself underneath that mistletoe!


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