Best Eye Make-Up 2017

Best Eye Makeup 2017 eyes

Best Eye Makeup 2017

by Rebecca Hitchon

The beauty industry has never been more buzzing with beauticians, trends and products to allow us to glam up, down or just feel less self-conscious about how we look. Eyes are the feature that make-up can do the most with, but it’s important to find eye makeup that is the best quality, looks good on you and suits whatever situation you’re going to be in.


best eye make up 2017 Brushes Real TechniquesAny pair of beautifully made-up eyes begins with the brushes. It’s worth spending that little bit extra to obtain the best way to apply your makeup. If you ask any beautician which brushes are best, they’d probably say Real Techniques which is the main reason I am nervous to try their MultiTech Small Point Brush Set. With the brand being renowned in the beauty world, my expectations are higher than the number of people subscribing to brand producers Sam and Nic Chapmans’ YouTube channel Pixiwoo. (Over two million to be exact).

But, however hard I try to find fault, I am not disappointed. I am elated at the sheer quality of the brushes. Firstly, these are ‘MultiTech’ so the number of uses of these four differently-sized brushes is almost endless. With high-tech brushes for overall colour as well as fine details, I wonder if you could do all of your makeup with them. Real Techniques’ claims are high: “flawlessly apply all makeup types”, “optimal colour pickup and blending” but all are true, whether concerning highlighting, concealing or, of course, applying eye shadow. Secondly, the set is super soft on the eyes and face. But really, when it also comes with a one-size-fits-all brush holder and online tutorials of how to use these brushes, it begs the question of what isn’t to love about them?
£22.49 from (where you can also find the full MultiTech collection)


best eye make up 2017 Eyeshadow L.AGoing away means luggage size and weight limits (you mean we can’t fit the whole wardrobe on the airplane?) and in turn, that means definite trauma. However, there’s no longer any need to be afraid. L.A. GIRL USA COSMETICS Eye Lux Mesmerizing Eyeshadow caters for all our needs. Compact in size but with enough shades and finishes to create any eye make-up look, you might as well throw out all your other eyeshadows and buy the 16 quads available in order to make up your eyeshadow collection. As well as coming in a range of different colours and matte, satin and metal finishes, the eyeshadow has been formulated to be pigmented, long-lasting and super smooth on your eyes. All things considered, you need this eyeshadow now!
£6.99 from

COLLECTION is very well-known for its eye make-up products in the world of cosmetics and there’s definitely a reason for that. Sumptuous coral, brown and of course, rose colours adorn the prettily packaged Matt Nude Rose Palette: perfect for any time of the day, let alone year. “People are afraid to experiment with pink eyeshadow tones”, says COLLECTION and celebrity make-up artist Francesca Neill: “But in fact these colours are the most universally flattering”. These smooth-textured, highly pigmented colours can easily be built up and blended on your lids to create an eye-catching “warm, sculpted eye”. For such a good price, it’s no wonder everyone’s talking about COLLECTION’s eyeshadow palettes this year…
£3.99 from

best eye make up 2017 Eyeshadow L


best eye make up 2017 Eyeshadow Eyeliner KISS Wing ItWant the perfect liner for on the go? Look no further than the KISS Wing It Liner. Perfect for festivals and vacations, its easy application process allows you to spend less time worrying how you look and more time enjoying yourself, especially as it is also water and smudge-proof. The soft brush makes easy work of creating bold, black shapes and with a stencil for your eyeliner flicks, unequal flicks that smudge soon after are now a thing of the past. Whatever the occasion, there’s a stencil for it with the 6 options not just including Spice Girl references: ‘posh’ and ‘spicy’ but also ‘pretty’ and ‘shy’. My advice: stock up on a few of these so that you have enough for all of summer. Don’t be afraid to go bold with this liner because then your flicks will look better than ever!
£8 from

best eye make up 2017 Eyeliner Clarins Waterproof PencilsSometimes black eyeliner is just for the daring of us or the daring days in life so softer eyeliner is an essential in our makeup bags, especially to match with the muted bronze colours and pastels that are not just dominating this year’s fashion trends but also hair trends (yes, unicorn hair is a thing.) Clarins have just released a limited edition set of metallic waterproof eye pencils within their Sunkissed Collection, which aims to “mirror the blazing sun, soft sand and tropical sunsets” of summer. Available in shades copper and gold, the pencils’ high pigmentations allow for a quick and easy application which is soft on your delicate eyes but lasts for a long duration of time.
£17.50 from


It’s not often that makeup does everything we want it to but the Milani Big and Bigger Lashes Mascara does just that. It doesn’t just volumize lashes; it lengthens them too and is long-lasting, non-clumping and non-smudging to name a few things. With its cleverly designed brush, you can even volumize inner, hard to reach lashes to create the optimum, impactful look. Is there anything this mascara can’t do?
£9.99 from

best eye make up 2017 ofylique

Good enough for Emma Watson: good enough for me is the motto for the Odylique Organic Mineral Mascara. The ‘Harry Potter’ star wore it while on her Beauty and The Beast press tour, sharing it on her Instagram account because of its certification to “organic standards by the Soil Association and the brand list the recyclability of their packaging”. As well as the mascara being 100% natural and 88% organic, it is gentle on all eyes and contains lots of organic goodness such as aloe vera and calendula. Although more subtle compared to other mascaras out there in the market, it dramatically lengthens your lashes with no clumping or transfer and the shape of the tube removes all excess product at every usage. So, why not help the environment and look fabulous at the same time with this mascara?
£17.50 from


best eye make up 2017 ofylique App WOW HOWIf we had the chance to have our very own free beautician, I reckon almost all of us would take it. Well, your chance is here as new app WOW HOW (available to download from the App Store and soon to be released for the Android) can do just that. With personalised tips for your own face shape to lip fullness, bespoke virtual beautician Gracie helps you to apply your makeup so that you can best enhance your features.

The app offers three unbelievable things:
1. “Try on looks” by using your device’s camera as a mirror alongside videos of Gracie so that you can follow her quick and easy steps to getting the look you want.
2. “Learn how to apply make-up based on [your] own facial features”.
3. “Practice [your] makeup application skills by following personalised, 3D animated easy step by step tutorials”: 16 natural every-day looks, 28 evening/ smoky looks, 18 bridal looks and contouring to define and highlight your facial features. All allow a personal experience with the choice of “looks with different colour combinations to suit [your] skin tone” and the opportunity to create your “own personal look book for every occasion” as well as shopping wish-list where you can then find the products you want, for whatever budget, from the online shop.


Michelle Jessen from the London Beauty Training Academy says: “We need to quickly adapt our look to complement the glorious sunshine and clear blue skies. Whilst we may be sweating on public transport and appalled at the lack of air conditioning, our eyes must remain cool and inviting”.

How do we do this in the scorching heat? She suggests changing you eyeliner “from black to brown to achieve a more natural outline and ensure that you soften the edges” while doing the same with your eyeshadow- “the colours for this summer are those of light brown and copper, in soft shimmery shades to give that delicate look” so first, “apply the soft glitter/shimmer eyeshadow on the eyelids” then “use light brown/copper in the crease, with a bright highlight for the inner corners”. Michelle’s number one tip: Use white eyeliner in the waterline in order to “give the illusion of a good night’s sleep”.

Best Eye Makeup 2017 modelAccording to WOW HOW’s expert beautician Gracie: “Choosing the right products and applying them in the correct order to achieve optimum protection from the sun whilst ensuring longevity of the makeup is fundamental.”

Like Michelle, she suggests that light and natural makeup is better this season, beginning with a light weight lotion or oil free moisturiser so we can all say goodbye to a shiny face in the summer heat. “Start by applying a matte eye primer all over the eyelid as this will help prevent creasing of the eye shadow and maintain the depth of the eye shadow for longer.”

“Application of eye liner can change the shape of your eye”

Using a small amount, Gracie allows the eye primer to absorb for 20 minutes. She then uses waterproof eyeshadow: “normally a powder-crème base to give staying power and have fade resistant properties” and advises using WOW HOW to find the best way to apply eyeshadow, depending on your eye shape. Similarly, she recommends that “it’s worth sticking to sweat proof eye liners as opposed to eye pencils as these are normally made of wax which tends to smear in humidity.”

For those of you nervous about applying eyeliner, there are many advantages. “Eye liner is a great way to make your eyes pop out and take your eye makeup to a professional level. Application of eye liner can change the shape of your eye and is very much based on your eye shape to give optimum effect. For instance, a close-set eye with eye liner across the entire upper lid starting at the inner corner near the nose would only look to emphasise that you have close set eyes.

Knowing where to apply your eye liner will help give symmetry to your face and is imperative to achieving beautiful eyes”, says Gracie. She slowly uses small even strokes to apply an even line. It’s a no-brainer that she suggests using waterproof mascara to avoid ‘panda eyes’ but also recommends using an eyelash curler, holding for a few seconds. “Lash curlers can really open your eyes. Coat your lashes to give plenty of volume. Apply a second coat if desired and remember to allow yourself a little extra time for drying. Comb through any clumps to help give an even finish.” Gracie’s final tip is to finish off your look with a fixing spray to keep makeup in place.


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