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Best Beauty Gadgets 2019


by Rachel Howard

It’s no secret that the multi-billion-pound beauty industry is no longer just about foundation, blusher and lipstick. In fact, it’s not even just about skincare and the plethora of other potions and ointments available on both the high street and the high-end market. As we make our way through 2019, beauty websites and department stores are becoming increasingly influenced by technology and how that can help us make the very best of ourselves. But is there any actual evidence that these gadgets work, or is it all gimmicks and hype? I took a peek at some of the best tech on the market…

Best Beauty Gadgets 2019 kissPMD KISS – £89

Bigger lips. We all want bigger lips. Ever since Kylie Jenner transformed the entire look of her face with lip fillers, we have been bombarded with images of celebrities with bee-stung, kissable lips. But to recreate this look normally means a course of injections into the lips, which of course comes at not only some discomfort, but also considerable on-going cost. Imagine if there were a way you could achieve the same look in a pain-free ten minutes? Too good to be true?!

The PMD Kiss is a chargeable lip plumping system that works by stimulating the blood flow to the lips to give a temporary fullness. Having applied the serum (included in the box), the vibrating device is held against the lips for ten seconds per section. It is, as advertised, completely pain free, although a slightly odd sensation, and you can definitely feel a tingle from the serum. Once I had gone around the full lip area, I assessed the finished look. There was a slight improvement in fullness but this was definitely not a Kylie Jenner result, and unfortunately the fullness wore off quite quickly. The PMD Kiss is not going to give you lasting, full, luscious lips, but as a quick fix for a night out, it might just be worth the one-off payment of £89.
SCORE: 3/5


Ever since the Clarisonic first burst onto the beauty scene in 2001, electronic cleansing brushes have been all the rage. Claiming to massage, exfoliate and drive your cleanser deeper into the skin – the good old flannel or muslin cloth has seemingly become obsolete.

Magnitone have brought out a USB rechargeable version of their silicone cleansing pad. Designed to cater for all skin types and requirements, this device has 8000 micro-sonic pulsations per minute to cleanse deeply and remove trapped impurities. The antibacterial silicone is particularly soft against the skin and is designed with three cleansing zones – oily/normal; dry/sensitive; and massage. As instructed, I removed my makeup first, before going in for a second cleanse with the XOXO. I found it to be gentle on the skin and easy to use with its ergonomic design. In all honestly, I’m not sure whether it was the fact I had double cleansed, or whether it was the device, but my skin certainly felt smoother, softer and fresher. Clearly, this isn’t a time-saving gadget, so may be best saved for weekends or night-time rituals. But I can definitely see the benefits.
SCORE: 4/5


Keeping on the electronic cleansers, BeGlow have brought out a higher-end version that not only helps with cleansing, but also claims to be anti-ageing and has a dual-pulse contouring system that is supposed to tone the skin around the face, neck and jawline. From the first glimpse at the packaging you know you are dealing with a luxury product from a luxe brand. Everything is made from the highest quality materials, it’s beautifully designed and there is even a travel bag included. I desperately wanted to like this device and hoped the reason behind the huge hike in price would become obvious once I started using it but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. It might just be me but I didn’t feel any difference in the tone of my skin or the fine lines even after using it for a few weeks. Yes, it cleansed beautifully, but as we’ve seen earlier, that can be bought at a much more attractive price.
SCORE: 2/5

Best Beauty Gadgets 2019 SPOTLITE-HD


A mirror is just a mirror isn’t it? Not in 2019 it’s not. This offering from JOI, who have teamed up with beauty blogger Hayley Hall, aims to remove the risk of makeup errors thanks to improved lighting. We’ve all seen the pictures of celebrities where their powder hasn’t been blended well, or their face is a completely different colour to their bodies. With this HD mirror, it is claimed we can wave goodbye to such makeup bloopers. The mirror unfolds like a laptop and has a “true daylight” LED light either side of the glass to give you the best possible lighting for not only getting made up but also for taking selfies – there’s even a bracket for you to attach your phone for taking the ultimate selfie. Also included in the box is a magnifying mirror (x10) that attaches magnetically to the main mirror. Not only is this portable and great for travel, it is also wall mountable and has flexible tilt angles allowing you to get the best possible light. I was dubious about this before using it but I must admit, the quality of the mirror, the lighting and the fact it’s rechargeable all make this a product I would recommend to grace vanities everywhere!
SCORE: 4/5

Best Beauty Gadgets 2019 himirrorHIMIRROR MINI PREMIUM £220 & HISKIN £40

HiMirror have taken mirror technology to the next level with their skin analysing device. As well as being a standard mirror, this gadget includes a built in camera that you use to take a selfie, which is then analysed. Wrinkles, dark spots, pores, fine lines, red spots, dark circles and roughness are all taken into account to allow you to tailor your skincare routine accordingly and keep a track of any changes. It even goes as far as recommending beauty products based on your analysis. On top of all this it has features including the ability to connect to Spotify to play your favourite music while you’re getting ready; a makeup studio to allow you to virtually try out different looks; and adjustable lighting. One of the latest additions to the HiMirror family is HiSkin, a hand-held device that, once pressed against the face, analyses and tracks moisture and pigmentation in the skin, enabling you to identify which products work most effectively.

There’s no getting around the great technology that’s harnessed in these products but in all honestly, I think this might be a gimmick too far. This gadget didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know, its touchscreen controls meant the mirror was constantly covered in fingerprints and with a combined price tag of over £250, I think your money would be better spent on a course of facials or a consultation with a trained facialist.
SCORE: 2/5

Best Beauty Gadgets 2019 masqueMONAT SUPER MOISTURE MASQUE £42

While not exactly a gadget, this hair mask is a great example of how beauty brands are embracing new ideas and saying goodbye to old style additives.

This product has a huge list of things it doesn’t include, such as parabens, plastic microbeads, cyclic silicones, mineral oil and paraffin wax. With so much emphasis on the environment, global warming and saving the planet, never has there been a better time to be a company that embraces natural ingredients, doesn’t test on animals and is vegan friendly. In place of the nasties listed above, this mask contains ingredients including sweet almond oil, macadamia seed oil and amino acid complex. These all come together to promote healthy, lustrous shine, improved moisture balance, hair texture and manageability. But can a product with such healthy claims actually work to improve your hair? I’m happy to say, yes it can. This mask is a luxurious treat that leaves the hair soft, conditioned, full of volume and bounce and I’m sure it lasts longer between washes too. So although you may be forking out a bit more than normal on a product, you should hopefully save on shampoo.
SCORE: 4/5

So, having tried out some of the newest gadgets on the beauty market, it’s clear to see that there are plenty of gimmicks out there, many of them with hefty price tags. I think it’s wise to have your sensible, common-sense head on when browsing these products. That’s not to say there aren’t some items that are worth the splurge, and some that may turn your beauty routine around. But buyer beware – all is not always as good it looks!


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