The Last Tango – Review – Leeds Grand


The Last Tango – Review

Leeds Grand, May 2016

by Sandra Callard

Strictly Come Dancing is one of the most successful television shows of recent times. Two of the stars of that show are touring in their own production. Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace star in The Last Tango, supported by an ensemble of talented dancers. The show brings to life many of the dances they performed on ‘Strictly’, plus more of their own choreography.

last tango vincent reviewTheir current show has a story running through it. It involves an older Vincent, quite movingly played by Teddy Kempner. He remembers his youth and how he met, loved and married his wife. It is a clever take on the theme, as he sits in his attic looking at photographs and memorabilia, while the dancers on stage below perform and live out those memories.

Vincent and Flavia have amassed a strong following as their show has moved around the country. There is no denying their talent, elegance and skill in dance performance, particularly their famous Argentine Tango. They are world champions of the tango and move together as one. At times they appear startlingly boneless, so fluid are their movements.

‘Perfectly formed’

There are thirty musical numbers in the show. Each consists of dance by Vincent and Flavia and the ensemble. Songs are sung by Matthew Gent, who has a lovely melodic voice and imparts a true flavour of the era he is covering, particularly with the forties music. The themes cover thirties, forties and fifties music, such as the beautiful ‘At Last’, ‘Beyond the Sea’, ‘Blue Skies’ and Glenn Miller’s ‘Moonlight Serenade’. They are all interpreted beautifully by the dancers. The songs echo the memories of George as he sits and dreams in his attic.

last tango flavia reviewVincent and Flavia have become phenomenally successful because of ‘Strictly’. They are just two of the many dancers on the show who have toured with their own productions. Between them they have helped to make all kinds of dancing popular again. Anything that gets us off our sofas is good, although when I am exposed to the perfectly formed physiques of dancers like Vincent and Flavia, I feel that any attempt at emulation is a lost cause

The Last Tango is mainly aimed at ‘Strictly’ fans. But because of the effective music and songs it contains, it can also appeal to anyone who likes music and movement. The show is not over-long at just over two hours, including interval, which is, because of the repetitive nature of some of the dances, a wise decision. So sit back and enjoy a couple of hours of music and dance by masters of the art.

images: Manuel Harlan


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