Best Student TV Deals in 2018


So you have just got the news of your A-level grades this month, and now are enrolling at Sheffield Hallam University for example, if you just dont want to leave Yorkshire, as we all love living here!.

So as we know, the television is a really important item in every household mainly because it is the best way to view the events taking place all around the world. There are several networks which offer quality viewing and a wide range of shows for persons of every age to enjoy. The only problem is that sometimes you will have to pay for these services if you wish to go on viewing through specific networks. This may be quite tasking for any student because they do not earn any money and even if they do, it might not be enough for them to subscribe to each and every one of the TV networks in the market.

For students who are studying courses related to media and the TV industry, they have to view the different channels on the television in order to gain insight on what their jobs entail. There are so many TV deals in the current market which has made it really hard for a student to decide which to pay for. You want to watch the same shows you watch at home but you also want to watch some new shows available on other networks. For a limited time period offers to the non-subscribing offers all of which are bound to be within a student’s budget.

Here are the most affordable TV deals in the market currently;

Virgin Media Student TV

This network has a nine-month contract which was made specifically for students. This shorter time period has made it quite affordable to students who want to enjoy television in their dorm rooms. This also worth it because if you are going to be in school for a one-year period, you will be able to cancel your subscription. There will not be any need to go on paying for a subscription you will not be around to watch. There are three major student TV packages in this networks. One has 83 channels and is worth thirteen dollars per month, the other has 123 channels and is worth nineteen dollars per month and finally, the last package has 179 channels and is worth thirty dollars per month. This deals come with an unlimited download period and includes a free router.

Sky Entertainment

This deal has more than three hundred channels which is a whole lot more than most providers will ever offer. It is highly recommended because it allows users to sync to other devices such as laptops, phones and tablets. This means you can watch it in your dorm room, on the campus or even while travelling. It is an eighteen-month contract which gives you more time to enjoy your favourite TV shows and documentaries. This deal offers a capacity of about one terabyte of space where you can record all your shows to watch later.


If you are not a big fan of the usual TV packages, you can always subscribe to the top-notch streaming services. Netflix is the largest streaming service in the world with about a billion subscribers. The best thing about it is that it offers an entire free month where you can enjoy an unlimited access to shows and documentaries. At a price of about five dollars per month you will have a wide range of shows to watch from which makes the whole TV experience more enjoyable. Netflix is not only available on TV which means you can access it from any devices you may have.


As I stated above, there are also so many non-subscription student TV deals which are the perfect solution. Freeview is the largest of these networks and is highly recommended. It comes in so many shapes and sizes that you can rest assured the perfect size for you will be found. As the name suggests, you will not be required to pay for any monthly subscriptions. The only cost you will incur is the buying price. If watching TV in high definition is not a really big deal for you then buy a Freeview box which allows you to record live TV and is highly affordable. If you already have an old Freeview set you can just upgrade to a new box which is actually cheaper. Second-hand Freeview box sets are also a great way to enjoy the TV service.

Now TV & Broadband

This is one of the best TV deals any student will ever find. It offers box sets of TV shows such as Westworld and many other series available on the internet. It comes with about two hundred channels which are free to watch in addition to eleven pay channels. It also has a broadband connection of about 11 Mbps which is super-fast and enables to study using the internet. It has a contract for twelve months which is enough time for a student who may not want to pay again after completing one academic year. After purchasing this bundle, you are gifted with a fifty-dollar reward which will cover part of the subscription fee.

How to save money on paying for TV services

You should only sign up for the channels you need. This means that you should never make any unnecessary payments that you may not even require at the time. You should always pay upfront which means avoid monthly payments because they will be immediately deducted from your account which may inconvenience your budget. Always seek out hidden charges which may apply after you have already agreed to the contract. These charges will greatly affect your budget. Make sure you fully understand the TV contract you are about to pay for before doing anything else.

Sky Customer Services

Sky TV offers a customer service call centre where their users can call and ask about their different bundles. Sky is the leading provider of satellite TV all over Europe which means millions of people view it and use their broadband services. Students should consider subscribing to Sky TV and they should speak to the Sky Customer Services to get the Student TV package.


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