3 Amazing Animated Streaming TV Shows To Binge Right Now

Amazing Animated Streaming TV Shows To Binge Right Now graphic

I stopped watching The Simpsons when I was a teen, and Family Guy never appealed to me. Animated shows, in my mind, were for children. South Park came closest to being good satire, but it became generic as long as fifteen years ago.

However, my head has been turned recently by animated shows on some of the major streaming services. Netflix, in particular, has animated series that raise the bar for any medium of TV.

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Even if you’re not into animated shows, give the following 3 a try. They’re unlike anything else you’ll see on TV.

1. Bojack Horseman

I have honestly never seen a series quite like Bojack Horseman. This show follows a talking horse who is a washed-up former sitcom star. Within a plethora of animal puns, we get a deep look into his depression and alcoholism, as well as the struggles of his friends.

The world of Bojack, with its mix of human and animal characters, is fascinating and a whole lot of fun. But the showrunners really know how to pack a punch, while experimenting with new ways of telling a story.

Bojack Horseman is also notable for its portrayal of an asexual character, which it does in a more nuanced way than anything else on television.

Amazing Animated Streaming TV Shows To Binge Right Now netflix

2. Big Mouth

Big Mouth has just aired its second season, adding Chelsea Peretti and David Thewlis to its already impressive cast.

This is honestly one of the funniest shows in TV history, in my humble opinion. It follows a group of thirteen-year-olds going through puberty in its typically humiliating fashion. They get paired with a “hormone monster” who leads them in questionable directions.

Big Mouth is so utterly irreverent that it sometimes comes close to crossing boundaries that can never be crossed on TV. Its characters are both lovable and pitiable, and it is a portrayal of puberty that is so hilariously painful you’ll recognise it all too well.

3. Rick And Morty

Rick And Morty might have a reputation for its toxic fanbase, but it is nonetheless an extremely smart and funny series. It follows Rick, a brilliant, alcoholic scientist, and his nephew Morty, who is, uh, not so brilliant. They go on adventures through the multiverse, that are sometimes mind-bending, sometimes ridiculously stupid, and always hilarious.

Rick And Morty makes quantum mechanics fun again – although you don’t need to know much about it to enjoy the series. Like Big Mouth, it is incredibly irreverent. It rarely gets deep, which is to its credit as a show that never takes itself too seriously (even as its fans fight over Szechuan sauce).

At its heart, Rick And Morty is simply a very funny series that upped the ante for smart science jokes. Watch it on Netflix now. You won’t regret it.


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