A Gallery of Images from Yorkshire Photographer Ryan Lee Turton

cold industrial setting with three young men who smoke a cigarette and look mean and moody

Hanging out northern style in this vivid collection of portraits of young people…

Tell us about how you started in photography – was it a career, a hobby or something else?
I can’t exactly remember. Drawing was my first love and I carried that into adulthood, then I think I picked up a camera around the age of 18. With drawing/painting I tended to project onto the canvas, creating something previously only imagined. With photography I’d tend to feel-into the world more, capturing something already there. These are tendencies in opposition, so I think it was probably part of my own psychic development towards attaining some sort of equilibrium. I still do both – although I share most of my photographs/films, whereas my drawings/paintings demand privacy and so I keep them mostly a secret.

What appeals to you about the genre?
I just like entwining people with environments; and I like the holism in it.

How do you go about looking for your pictures or planning your shoots – do you do lots of research or are they more spur of the moment?
Usually I just lake out with people and we follow our noses; see where we end up, see what we end up with. I have faith in spontaneity. I like the idea of a spontaneous process and I’m comfortable surrendering myself to it. There are odd occasions where I have something particular in mind that I’m trying to replicate. This generally requires planning and tends to be for more complex projects – like the film I’m working on at the moment.

Tell us about your featured photos – what do you like about this selection of images?
I guess they help to rejuvenate my memory. My memories are soaked into everything I make. I still see a lot of the people in the photos, others not so much.

ryan lee turton morrissey t-shirt photographWhich is your favourite image?
Probably the photo of my brother wearing a Morrissey t-shirt. I feel like it embodies the spirit of a young ‘un growing up in Northern England. Oh, I like this film snap of these three in the snow too. It’s from a few winters ago; we climbed on to the rooftop of an abandoned light bulb factory, near the tracks in Barnsley. It was called C.E.A.G lighting – it’s been demolished now.

What is the most challenging part of being a photographer?
How expensive everything is, and having to look after your gear when you’re out and about. I’m a ragtag at heart and because my shoots double as hang-outs there are times where I wish my gear could just evaporate.

Do you use any special equipment to take your pictures, or use any special software after taking the pictures?
I use whatever I can get my hands on. Most of the time I shoot with a D600 body and opt for a 35mm lens. I process everything on an old worn-out copy of Photoshop – with none of the bells and whistles – and I’m happy with it.

What do you plan to do for your future photography projects – is there a place or thing that you would love to photograph?
Umm, I’m working mainly with video at the moment. On something that I’ll probably split up in to episodes when I finally release it. I’m taking my time with it. I want it to snag eyes, I want it to look ace; ethereal, psychedelic. I’m conscious of the overarching concept too, which decides how I weave the scenes together. Aside from the filming, I’m probably gonna start focusing on fashion editorials; we’ll see.

To see a selection of the work of Ryan Lee Turton, click on the images below

See more of Ryan’s work at ryanleeturton.co.uk
email: info@ryanleeturton.co.uk

All images © Ryan Lee Turton


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