A Gallery of Images from Yorkshire Photographer Akhlaq Ahmed


Both urban and rural images feature in Bradford photographer Akhlaq Ahmed’s studies of his home town…

Tell us about how you started in photography– was it a career, a hobby or something else?
My photography started off as a hobby. As a graphic designer and IT Technician I was passionate about communicating ideas through a visual language. It was a way I could speak and share my thoughts with the world. After many years of designing I picked up a camera to add another dimension to my world and I haven’t put it down since. All my life I’ve been fascinated with colour, shape, graphics and a sense of place and have completely fallen under photography’s powerful spell. With my photography skills it led me to working for a Bradford-based car showroom, which was a million dollar company that sells almost every fast car. Combining photography with my love of fast cars is really what keeps me going and continues to inspire me.

What appeals to you about the genre?
Often when I would walk into supermarkets and pick up magazines the pictures and colours would attract my attention and so I always wanted to create something better or similar to it.  Even now I always pick up a monthly photography magazine and my love and passion for photography doesn’t stop, rather it just keeps growing day by day. Also, seeing other photographer’s work on social media sites continues to inspire me.

Akhlaq's images have already received favourable exposure across social media

Akhlaq’s images have already received favourable exposure across social media

How do you go about looking for your pictures – do you research or are they more spur of the moment?
As mentioned before I would often look at colourful magazines and see what catches my attention and try and do something similar. Not only that but it helps inspire me with more creative ideas, such as the Bradford Town Hall Clock. This picture of mine is very popular because I have given it a different look and made the building stand out more. The inspiration and ideas always come from my own mind. I always try to imagine things my own way and then translate those ideas with the power of my camera.

What is the most challenging part of being a photographer?
Often going out for photo shoots for models or even non-models can be very challenging.  I have to put all my time and effort into a photograph to make them look as colourful and eye-appealing as possible in order for them to stand out from the crowd. Airbrushing a photo, or even airbrushing a model’s skin, can be very challenging as it has to fit to the model’s satisfaction, which can be very challenging.

Tell us about your images of Bradford – what appealed to you about the city and its towns?
Being born and bred in Bradford I often hear how people say it’s not appealing enough and that it should be more attractive for tourists. Since my biggest hobby was photography I decided to take this to mind and I wanted to do something to Bradford with the magic of my photographs. So far I feel I am achieving this as I often get people saying to me how attractive I have made Bradford look. I recently took some night and day shots of City Park which has been one of my most popular pics.  These pics received so many views and likes within the first half an hour I uploaded them on to social networking sites.

Do you use any special equipment to take your pictures, or use any editing software?
Depending on what I am shooting I do take special equipment with me. For example, the pics I took on the flowing river in Goit Stock Gardens, the water looks silky and smooth. This is because I took a tripod with me and a special ND Grad Filter. For those who do not know what that is, it’s a specially made lens that goes on top of the original lens of a camera to create the extra effect. As for software I often do use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, however, I do try and make an effort not to edit them too much as I believe it’s also important to capture the beauty of original nature also.

What do you plan to do for your future work – is there a place or thing that you would love to photograph?
As far as my future work goes I plan to travel to other towns and even countries with my camera. I recently paid a visit to Las Vegas and Hollywood in April 2014. The tall skyscrapers and gambling casinos caught my eyes and so I felt I want to pay a visit to capture these buildings. I also hope to travel to New York and Dubai in the future to capture some more images. Not just other countries but cities also, such as London. I hope to pay a visit there soon as it’s always good to try other places.

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    • Karen Ashton 17 March, 2015 at 12:56 Reply

      Hi Nouman your right it does not make Bradford look any better but at least the guy is trying to make it look better although there are way better photos out there of bradford City Park and Giot Stock Falls. Just Type In Bradford City Park or Giot Stock Falls on Flicker.

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