The New Trend of Using Smoke Bombs for Wedding Photographs

New Trend of Using Smoke Bombs for Wedding Photographs main

One of the biggest trends for wedding photography in the year 2018 was undoubtedly the use of smoke bomb photography. The bombs create beautiful, full-blown coloured smoke effects – and  grooms and brides all over the world have been using them for their wedding photos and pre-wedding rehearsal shots.

What are smoke bombs?

A smoke bomb is nothing more than coloured smoke that is used to create incredible effects for photographs. They generate a kind of colourful cloud that, unlike powder paint, can be used to compose scenery and contribute to the fun and conceptual results of photographs.

When to use the smoke bomb?

When should a smoke bomb be used by the bride and groom? There are no definite rules, but it’s common to see them in two different wedding moments: pre-wedding photos or during the party. Of course, it all depends on the tastes of the customer – some grooms have even used the effect during the ceremony!

Although a trend among younger people, older people are also starting to use them in their ceremonies. It’s important that rehearsals are performed with the smoke bombs by the wedding photographer.

New Trend of Using Smoke Bombs for Wedding Photographs bride

How to use?

Want to use coloured smoke bombs in your photos? Keep in mind that you should do an outdoor test. Photographs look remarkable when done in natural scenarios such as the countryside, mountains or beaches. For perfect results, you are recommended to use the best mirrorless camera.

If the wedding is held at night, it is far more complicated to make a photo with a smoke bomb because it will not have the same light for the effects that can be achieved during the day. Of course, during the day, it’s possible to use the effect at any time.

Professional choice

Any photogrpaher should be able to demonstrate the effects they can provide with smoke bombs. Therefore, it is very important to have a pre-wedding meeting with your client.

Have stock

Getting a perfect shot may require several trials. For this reason, ensure you have a good stock of smoke bombs – buy more than you think you need.

Safety First

It should be noted that the smoke bomb is hot and incorrect handling can cause accidents. When you turn on the smoke pump, it’s important to never leave the fixture close to your face. Choose open spaces not just because of the beauty of the photographs, but with the safety of all concerned in mind. Ensure excessive inhaling of the smoke and remember it is forbidden to use smoke near hospitals, schools, vehicles, gas stations, and flammable products.

Hopefully this article can add to your insight to your wedding photography – and even give you new ideas. Good luck!


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