A Gallery of Images from Sharrow Vale and the Antiques Quarter, Sheffield

Sharrow Vale and the Antiques Quarter Sheffield Photo Gallery main

By Darren O’Brien

The Antiques Quarter featured in these photos is loosely contained to the spaces between Ecclesial Road and Queens Road in Sheffield.

There are roughly five main areas of activity here: Abbeydale Road, London Road, Netheredge, Sharrowvale and Ecclesall Road. Each place has a slightly different vibe, which makes the area interesting.

Sharrow Vale and the Antiques Quarter Sheffield Photo Gallery coverAbbeydale Road and London Road are connected and have a variety of older independent shops and businesses, but have also recently seen a growth of new companies. The area is wonderfully diverse, which holds great interest and appeal.

“Strong community presence”

Netheredge is the green area of the city, again with independent shops specialising in organic produce. It has also been in the news recently as the main location of the ongoing protests against the felling of street trees.

Sharrowvale sits between Netheredge and the student hub of Ecclesall Road. There is a strong community presence with markets and events held throughout the year.

Eccelsall road is a hotbed of student activity and the closest the area has to a high street, with a variety of restaurants and shops, which are, again, mostly independents. It is here that you will find the historic botanical gardens and Endcliffe park.

Both parks were opened in the 1880s in a drive to create more green locations in the city. Today they provide beautiful spaces for people to walk, meet and relax in.

Below is a gallery of photos taken from ‘Sharrow Vale & The Antiques Quarter’ by Darren O’Brien, published by The History Press, hardback £18
The book launch is at The Fly Tower on 14th December from 1-4pm
All images © Darren O’Brien


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