YouTube Video Tips for Musicians


Many famous singers have started on YouTube. This platform indeed offers a great and free way to promote your talents and your music. If you don’t already have a fanbase to support you, you can get cheap YouTube views to make your videos more visible. In this list, you can find some useful tips on the type of content you can upload so that you can attract more listeners.

01. Help your Viewers Stream your Songs and Buy your Albums

Even though you have uploaded your music on YouTube, you shouldn’t miss the chance to mention all the other platforms that users can find you. In your videos’ description include links to other streaming services, like Spotify, as well as your website and other places where listeners can buy your albums. You should also include the same information in the About section of your YouTube channel profile. 

02. Collaborate with Other Musicians

Your fellow musicians know the struggle of getting new listeners. So, they will be more than happy to collaborate, in order to share your audiences. This is a technique that is recommended for every YouTuber, but it’s even more important for musicians. Of course, you should get cheap YouTube views for videos like that to get musicians with a big following to collaborate with you.

03. Cover Trending Songs

As a musician, you want to showcase your songs. They are important to you and you should do everything to promote them. However, you need to attract subscribers to your channel and for this reason, you need to create other content as well. A good idea that will bring you to the first results of a YouTube search is to cover trending songs. The covers should be creative and reflect your style of music. If a viewer, who found you by chance, likes your music style, he will subscribe to your channel and listen to the songs you’ve written. 

04. Have a Great Audio Quality

The most important thing in your YouTube videos is the audio quality. As a musician, you need your listeners to be able to hear every aspect of your song. Therefore, from the beginning of your channel, you should invest in good gear that will give your videos the best possible audio quality. 

05. Dont Neglect the Image Quality

Even though the image is not as important as the audio for a musician YouTuber, you still need to have a decent image quality. Your videos will benefit from a good camera and a tripod and this might be the factor that leads to more views. However, every video needs a little push with cheap YouTube views.

06. Give Exclusive Behind the Scenes Footage

Besides your awesome music, live sessions, and covers, you should also give your viewers an idea of what the life of a musician is. Upload videos from behind the scenes, while you are getting ready for a live, or a recording session. Show to your listeners the creative process that how you solve the problems that come up. This will make them get closer to you.

Being a YouTube musician is a challenge. However, with the above content and cheap YouTube views, you can start growing your channel right away.


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