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The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra teamed up with the University of Hull as a part of their Young Reviewers Programme, with the aim of encouraging students to attend concerts and gain writing experience, review a show and enjoy live music. Below is student Rachel Marshall’s take on the RPO at Hull City Hall…

This concert from the Royal Philharmonic provided no exception to the world-class standard for which the Orchestra is known, and I feel extremely fortunate as a music student to be able to attend such an event in my university city.

Despite the current situation with Coronavirus the evening was well attended, but hand shakes were replaced with friendly fistbumps. It was this delicate humour combined with intense musical virtuosity which enhanced the special nature of the evening.

Borodin’s ‘Overture from Prince Igor’ set the Romantic scene with rhythmic drive and Russian folky flare. Hearing the contact of bow to string and feeling the bass resonate in one’s chest from the double bassists only a few metres away, was truly unique to the live classical music experience.


Esther Yoo

“Captivating from start to finish”

Esther Yoo’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto was mesmerising from start to finish. As a violinist I can only dream of achieving such a commanding stage presence and electric virtuosity. The music was played with an authoritative charm and her infectious smile created a connection with fellow performers and audience members alike.

The concert finished with Brahms’ First Symphony and I defy any classical music sceptic to attend such an event and leave the venue unaffected. The performance was a display of impressive musical endurance that was captivating from start to finish. The violin and French horn solos in the second movement were particularly memorable.

It was a temptation to clap in between every movement, as it felt as though each deserved to be praised in their own right, but only a few disguised coughs were heard from the back of the room. I eagerly look forward to the RPO’s next event.


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