The Lovely Eggs – Live Review – Leeds Brudenell Social Club

lovely eggs review leeds brudenell

By Victoria Holdsworth, February 2018

By the time The Lovely Eggs grace the stage with their surreal-psych punk rock, the Brudenell is fit to burst. Such is the Lancashire duo’s popularity round these parts. But it is the first time I have been able to get to see them play, and I am not to be disappointed.

Husband and wife Holly Ross and David Blackwell are raw, loud, different and fun with their simplistic, no nonsense brand of punk. With David, you kind of get all the Ramones and the coolness of Bobby Gillespie playdoughed into one whilst backing up his wife Holly on thrashing, bratty dirty fuzz guitar and vocals. While they take their music very seriously, the pair on stage are one of the funniest couplings I have ever seen. Holly informs us that this evening she is absolutely hanging, after going at it too hard on the beer, so she cracks open another Strongbow and demands a party to help her out, as she leads her ardent followers into ‘I’m With You’.

By the third tune in, Holly seems to be feeling better and she can nail a tune with just as much grit, determination and sarcasm as Mark E Smith. There is a funny moment when Dave is having issues with his ride cymbal, and a member of the crowd has to act as stage crew because he says, he’s just not strong enough to be able to sort it. Holly just rips into him like a Vic and Bob sketch and there is an audible smile in Ross’s voice, which is enough to warm you up to their weirder dissipation.

lovely eggs review leeds brudenell 2018

“Edgy and diverse”

There is definitely an air of the unexpected with these guys, and the song ‘Dickhead’ lures you in with some garage style grungy guitar licks before it explodes and Holly belts out a raging tune against some rolling drums. There is a quick shout out to The Gipton Crew massive in the crowd tonight, and an update on Holly’s hangover. She thinks she might have peaked a little too soon, but she’s going to soldier on because this girl is hardcore!

‘I Shouldn’t Have Said That’ has a much darker vibe to some of their other tunes, and their set tonight covers most of the bases of all their albums, not just This Is Eggland. ‘Repeat It’ and ‘Magic Onion’ are clearly some crowd favourites and they couldn’t have bounced more, even if they’d been given space hoppers.

The new album has some really edgy and diverse tunes and they show how unashamed they are to be themselves. ‘Hello I Am Your Sun’ has some mental Teletubbie vocal distortions on it, and on the surface may seem just a weird folly of a song, however lyrically it is cleverly commenting on the current state of the country.

One of my favourites this evening was ‘Wiggly Giggly’ which is fresh and fun and has a distinct Gong feel to it which is eagerly lapped up, along with ‘People Are Twats’ and ‘Big Sea’. These would be perfect for remixes, à la Apollo 440 or Kava Kava style.

A sardonically edged ‘Fuck It’ and ‘Return Of Witchcraft’ propel the band into a world of their own, but everyone is invited.

The end of the set approaches in the blink of an eye with the amazing ‘Allergies’ from the 2012 album Wildlife and ‘Would You Fuck’ from Cob Dominos released back in 2011.

The crowd is battered, bruised, breathless and exhilarated, but happiness is definitely egg shaped.


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