Grassington Festival 2012 – Review

grassington festival miss 600

By Alexandra Glacet

The sun was shining, the birds singing and the village was overflowing with visitors basking in the gloriousness of the day. OK, so that’s not strictly true! In fact it’s not true at all. It was a particularly dismal day on all accounts, but despite the appalling weather situation, the crowds did leave the warmth and shelter of their homes and venture out for the Grassington Festival Emerging Talent evening.

As if by clockwork (and most unusual for music events), the school bell is rung and we are sent shuffling from the bar into the main hall for the performance to start. The dimly lit auditorium is set out with a mixture of seating and standing areas. There is an excited buzz forming as the first act, Jade McLellan takes to the stage. The rousing mix of folk tunes and unlikely pop covers are received well by the Grassington crowd. They clearly enjoy Jade’s deep, earthy tones and crystal notes. The classical jazz singer appears well-rehearsed and confident, with her accompaniment adding to the richness of her performance.

Jade McLellan

Jonny Goode

“Enigmatic style”

A swift change and on comes Jonny Goode. A singer-songwriter recently moved to the area from London. With his appealing charm, Jonny speaks to the audience with ease, introducing a set consisting of his own songs and a couple of covers. As he draws from his time living in south London, Jonny hits the crowd with his gritty yet comfortable songwriting and unique voice. The attentive gathering is delighted by his enigmatic style, and Jonny leaves the stage to generous applause and cheers.

With more people arriving, the stage is re-jigged and set for the headlining act, Miss 600. The jaunty jazz duo are joined by a six piece band and backing singer, producing an uptempo and lively performance. The sparkling dresses dazzle the audience, while Hannah Garner’s lead vocals kiss the ears of the listeners. The duo, who normally play acoustically, seem at home amongst the glitz and glamour of the evening. They blend with the melee of talented musicians. Executing an accomplished set, Miss 600 captivate the audience, who are left demanding an encore.

Miss 600

“Wax lyrical”

The buzz felt at the beginning of the night is transported into the foyer of the Town Hall. Here, many people gather for a post performance drink. They wax lyrical about the evening’s events. All acts are seen chatting to the exiting guests. A plethora of happy faces witness the night come to a close.

Photos: Patrick Onions


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