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From Piacenza, Italy, the triple bass alt-rock atmospherics of Søndag – here’s a chat with guitarist Marcello…

How did you get the title of your latest single, and what does it mean to you?
‘Titans’ came up in a difficult moment for us all. During the past months, as we all know, we’ve been hit hard by this pandemic and we were forced in a 2.5 months’ lockdown which has turned our lives upside down. In these difficult times we’ve seen that the social medias became (once again) a place where everyone poured out their fears and anger, led by a huge wave of misinformation. The concept behind our last single lies upon these hard times, and when we say “we are the titans of nothing” we really mean that – everyone seems to have the truth in their pockets, but reality is another thing

What was the hardest part about putting this release together, and why?
As previously said, the hardest part of this release was the fact that we were working on this track remotely. You don’t see the live reaction of your mates when you write down some riffs, or listening together the first mix of the track is something that you really miss with this kind of working timeline.

What do you enjoy the most about producing your own material?
The release was produced by us, and recorder / mixed and mastered by our singer and bass player Riccardo Demarosi in his own recording studio. Being your own producer is something that is really awesome since you have total control of your material.

What do you want the listener to take away from hearing your music?
With our songs we really want the listener to immerge himself into a wall of groovy riffs, catchy refrains and trippy sound atmospheres.

How does a track normally come together for the band? Can you tell us a bit about that process?
Our writing process is something we actually can’t predict.. songs simply flow out of our minds in the most weird moments 😊. Just think that the riffs of ‘Trendsetter’came to me when I was driving back home late at night after work. In order to write them down, I had to pull over and “sing” them on my smartphone recorder otherwise, since I’ve got a really bad memory, they would have simply faded away after a few minutes. After that “moment of inspiration” usually me and Riccardo meet at his place to write down all the stuff on a pro tools session in order to purpose it to the rest of the band at the rehearsals.

How would you say that the sound of your band has changed over the last year?
In the early days we were just a duo (drums and an 8 string guitar, without vocals), after some time we decided to open our sound with different instruments, shaping the actual line up of the band: bass, vocals, two low tuned guitars, synths and drums. Putting together the musical background of four people, rather then just two, helped us a lot to develop our sound in a much more articulate way.

What bands/artists have influenced you the most since you started your own band/project, and why?
Without hesitation I would say that these bands have really changed my perspective of songwriting: Meshuggah, Deftones, Alice in Chains and Nine Inch Nails, to name the most important ones.

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When the world is back to normal, where would you really like to tour, and why?
Our bigger dream has always been to tour as a support act for a huge band all around the world. Since our label is from New York, we always wanted to do a North American tour, but leaving all the “pandemic stuff” behind for a moment, it is hard also for all the expenses that we should cover to fly over there from Italy. Really hope one day things will be different and… simpler 😊.

If you could only pick one track for our reader to listen to, to get a taster of your music, which one would you go far, and why?
I’m really in love with one of our recent releases: Trendsetter. I think this song represents our style from the beginning to the end: groovy riffs, low tuned guitars and a peculiar line of vocals which is definitely our “trademark” 😊.

Where do you see your band in five years’ time?
I sincerely hope that our fanbase will expand considerably, thus allowing us to get noticed by big booking agencies in order to support bigger bands on tour and trigger a chain mechanism that
makes us play more and more!

For more info on Søndag visit: facebook.com/sondag.music


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