The Blue Trees by Gorkys Zygotic Mynci – Album Review

the blue trees

by Matt Callard

Toning down their kitchen-sink-and-all tendencies, Gorky’s had already released six wildly inventive albums before the quiet, pastoral The Blue Trees.

the blue treesAcoustic guitars, violins and squeezeboxes create a hazy, summery vibe. The plaintive, slightly distant, melodies give a lazy late afternoon feel.

“Keeps the adventurous listener glued”

It’s a gorgeous album, although never too sweet. There are enough twists and turns to keep the adventurous listener glued.

Their radio-phobic name and constantly-evolving line-up might have prevented the band from ever gaining the following their creativity deserved, but each and every remnant from their back catalogue deserves investigation, particularly 1997’s joyful Barafundle.


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